woman getting laser hair removal in los angeles
Laser hair removal and Electrolysis are two widely-available ways to remove hair from various parts of the body. They’re both useful for long-term thinning and removal of hair; however, there are some pros and cons associated with each technique, summarized below. Laser Hair Removal This technique uses focused high-energy light energy pulses from a laser to target individual hair follicles. The light energy damages and ultimately kills the follicle, and...
Varicose veins in female legs. The leg lies on a white sheet. Spider veins on upper calf
Spider veins are unsightly veins located just under the skin. Unlike varicose veins, which bulge, spider veins are primarily a cosmetic problem. They typically appear as a tree or spiderweb-like patterns. Spider veins are created when blood pools in the veins, and are typically blue or red in color. There are several possible causes for spider veins, but they are also more likely to be present as we age. Spider...
Young woman receiving laser hair removal treatment
There are many effective ways to remove facial hair, including shaving, waxing, plucking, electrolysis, IPL, and depilatory creams. Laser hair removal is a very effective technique that offers some particular benefits when compared to alternative methods. Permanent Hair Removal A huge advantage of laser hair removal is that regular hair removal will become unnecessary after you’ve undergone a relatively small number of sessions. Over the course of a several months...
foods that can cause varicose veins
Varicose veins (as well as less-visible spider veins) normally indicate damage to the walls of the veins; typically due to damaged or malfunctioning blood vessel valves that normally prevent reverse blood flow. There are many possible causes for the blood circulation problems that can result in this damage – ranging from being overweight, high blood pressure, sedentary occupations, and over-tight clothing. Frequently multiple causes are present; they’re also frequently found...
woman looking in the mirror debating on botox and if it will help her acne
Botox is best known as a particularly effective way to treat muscle-related facial lines and wrinkles. There are however several other cosmetic problems that can potentially be treated using Botox – acne outbreaks being one of the lesser-known ones. Causes of Acne Outbreaks Acne occurs when hair follicles become blocked and infected. This can be caused by one or more factors, including overactive production of oil by the sebaceous glands,...
woman before and after a botox touch up session in los angeles
The effects of a Botox procedure are not immediately apparent – results start to appear two to four days after treatment and continue to develop for a week or two afterward. There is no hard-and-fast rule – Botox simply affects people differently, and naturally, the quantity of Botox administered is also a factor. Experienced practitioners are typically conservative in the choice of how much Botox to administer – it’s easy...
woman getting botox in her forehead in los angeles
Botox has proven to be a very effective and popular way to reduce or even eliminate many facial lines and wrinkles. The effects of each Botox treatment are temporary, typically lasting between three and six months, and so Botox procedures have to be periodically repeated to stop lines and wrinkles from eventually reappearing. As a consequence, many have wondered if the long-term use of Botox has negative consequences. How Does...
woman getting botox in los angeles
Botox and facial fillers are both applied via injection, but the two minimally invasive cosmetic procedures differ in all other respects. The essential difference is that Botox can be used to indirectly reduce lines and wrinkles by blocking nerve signals to the muscles that actually cause the lines and wrinkles. Dermal fillers, however, are used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by adding extra volume and structure beneath...
Woman getting botox in between her eyebrows in los angeles, California
As Botox is administered using needles, it’s not unusual that the first question potential patients ask is how painful will it be? As “no pain, no gain” is not the answer they’re typically looking for; we gathered some relevant information. Does Botox Hurt? Botox needles are very small – as a result, many patients report feeling no pain at all. That’s not guaranteed, however, and some patients do indeed experience...
woman getting microneedling done at your laser skin care
Botox and microneedling are both popular and effective cosmetic procedures. Although both are capable of producing impressive results and are sometimes regarded as similar in their ability to combat the effects of aging on the complexion, they are very different procedures, each having its own distinctive advantages. Botox Botox involves injecting carefully controlled amounts of the Botox toxin to block the ability of selected nerves to cause adjacent muscles to...
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