woman with crows feet who needs botox
Botox is an injectable solution that can be used to temporarily prevent individual nerves from passing the electrical signals that cause associated muscles to contract. Botox is widely used to reduce facial lines and wrinkles that are the result of facial muscle contractions – basically, any line or wrinkle that becomes more apparent when you activate certain facial muscles can be made less apparent by reducing or eliminating the ability...
Varicose veins on female legs in the area of the knee and calves. Close-up
Spider veins are a less severe form of varicose veins, caused by blood flow problems in the veins, and especially by malfunctioning valves inside the veins. It’s possible to treat spider veins, depending on their size and severity, using laser treatments, or sclerotherapy. Laser treatment uses light and heat energy to seal off affected veins; Sclerotherapy involves injecting a solution directly into the affected vein, which causes the vein to...
woman with dissolved lips after lip filler
Injectable lip fillers are an extremely popular way to achieve the plump contoured lips that are currently in demand. In the hands of an experienced and medically qualified practitioner, it’s possible to achieve enhanced lips while still remaining natural and healthy looking. Why Might Lip Fillers Need to be Removed? Unfortunately, we come across many patients who had somewhat unreasonable expectations for how much they could enhance their lips and...
woman getting botox in her underarms
Although Botox is well known as an effective way to reduce or eliminate facial lines and wrinkles, it has another lesser-known usage — treating excessive sweating. How Botox Controls Sweating Botox helps reduce facial wrinkles by blocking the nerve signals that cause associated muscles to contract – if muscles don’t receive signals telling them to contract, then any wrinkles linked to the muscles will become less visible. Botox’s ability to...
Beauty laser technician performing a cosmetic skin resurfacing session on a female patient, also called a photofacial
IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light – in this case not from a fine-tuned laser, but from a broader range of light frequencies. These high-intensity light pulses pass deep into the skin layers and are able to treat a range of cosmetic problems, including fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, and rosacea. The IPL energy is absorbed by red blood cells, and by melatonin, which is responsible for...
Lip Augmentation. Woman Getting Beauty Injection For Lips
If you have thin lips and want a quick, safe, and easy way to enhance them, then lip fillers are what you’re looking for. The procedure involves injecting a dermal filer product into the lip area. Quite understandably many first-time patients are nervous about the procedure, so we’ve put together some answers to the typical questions that we get asked. Is the Procedure Painful? In general, no. The needles used...
woman receiving cosmetic anti aging procedures at beauty salon. aesthetic treatment. injection vials
When researching the effects of various cosmetic injectable products on the body, it’s unusual to see any mention of the fact that injectable treatments (including dermal fillers and Botox) do not necessarily have identical effects when used on different people. This is one reason why an experienced practitioner will approach new patients cautiously, applying products judiciously until they’ve established exactly how each patient reacts to different products and dosages. The...
man getting botox after weighing the options of botox and dysport
Although Botox is widely used as an effective, non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles by preventing the muscle contractions that cause the wrinkles, it is not the only commercially available injectable product that can be used to achieve this effect. Dysport is, like Botox, based on modified versions of the botulinum toxin. Both products work by blocking the passage of the nerve signals that cause facial muscles to...
woman discussing botox with her doctor to treat TMJ
We previously wrote about the possible use of Botox to treat jaw pain. The sliding hinges that connect each side of your jawbone to your skull are known as the temporomandibular joints, TMJ for short. The powerful masseter muscles surrounding the jaw are responsible for moving the jaw, but most particularly they are used when chewing food. TMJ joints can become inflamed via trauma to the jaw or neck, but...
woman in the sun after botox
When considering if you should avoid exposure to direct sunlight after a Botox treatment, there are actually several factors that should be considered. Does Sunlight Increase Botox Side-Effects? Botox treatment can result in short-lived side effects – including bruising, swelling, increased sensitivity, itching, and more rarely temporary pigmentation changes at the points of injections. These symptoms typically subside within 24 hours, although they can persist for a week or so...
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