Treatment Instructions

To obtain maximum results, it’s important to follow four simple pre-treatment instructions:

  • Mark the date of your appointment on the calendar. Then mark off a 2-week period on the calendar with the words, “NO SUNBATHING”. Sunbathing can interfere with the laser skin treatment procedure.
  • Mark that same 2-week time frame on your calendar with the words, “NO PLUCKING, BLEACHING OR WAXING.” The laser light detects the darkness of the hair; bleaching interferes with the ability of the laser to find the hair and its hair follicle. Plucking and waxing can interfere with the hair follicle’s growth cycle and extend the number of sessions you will need.
  • Shave the treatment site prior to treatment. Of course, if you are unable to shave a body part yourself, such as your back, the medical staff will assist.
  • If you’re having areas on your face and neck lasered, don’t wear any makeup on those areas. The area should be as clean and cleared of chemical substances as it possibly can be.

What to do after Laser Hair Removal Treatment

After laser treatment, the treated area may appear as if the hair is still growing. This will change within a week or two as the hairs fall out. Below are some additional instructions you’ll need to know for after your first laser skin care appointment.

  • If you have any redness or swelling, apply ice packs as needed.
  • If a blister or scab develops, call our clinic. We’ll tell you what type of antibiotic ointment to apply to the area.
  • Don’t scrub the treated area. Gentleness is the best laser after-treatment needed.
  • Protect your skin for the next two weeks with a sunscreen that has a SPF of 30.
  • Schedule your next appointment four weeks from the date of your current appointment.