Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Born and raised in Ukraine when still part of the Soviet Union, Eleonora Fedonenko was drawn to medicine from a young age, inspired by her family's medical background. Her journey into the medical profession was as rich and diverse as her skill set. Before pursuing her medical dreams, she acquired a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Music, with special emphasis on the piano.

Ella completed her medical studies at the highly respected Dnipro State Medical University in eastern Ukraine before relocating to Los Angeles in the early 1990s. Her career in America began with a residency in Internal Medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in Roanoke-Salem, VA, in 1995. This included a notable stint at the Veterans Hospital Medical Center in Salem, VA, where she garnered recognition for the exceptional patient care she administered. One patient even wrote to his state senator, demanding that she be assigned to his case!

During her residency,0 Ella was recognized as a skillful and patient teacher, culminating in her receiving the Resident Teaching Award in her final year. She completed her residency in 1998 and embarked on a role as a Primary Care Physician at an urgent care facility in Roanoke, VA. Here, she honed the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination required for the intricate procedures that are a daily part of working in a busy urgent care setting. She also developed a reputation for her attentive and diligent patient care.

Eventually, the allure of Los Angeles brought Ella back to the West Coast, where she started a medical practice with her husband, David, also a primary care physician. However, she soon found herself missing using the tactile skills she had developed earlier in her career. This led her to explore the field of non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Driven by her passion for blending art and science, Ella and her husband founded YourLaserSkinCare, a dedicated practice for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, providing a comfortable, professional setting for their clients.

Ella (as she prefers to be called) is extremely passionate about the practice of non-invasive procedures that she offers. She uses her artistic and medical backgrounds, her patient care skills, and the manual dexterity that she's developed over many years, to confidently and expertly guide patients (many of whom are new to the world of cosmetic procedures) to select the most applicable procedure (or procedures) for their particular needs, and to perform each procedure most efficiently and optimally.

If you ask Ella to summarize her abilities, she uses the terms "combining science and art", and "using a fine touch"; many of the glowing patient testimonials she's accumulated back this up. Patients report that she patiently takes time to educate them about treatment options fully, ensures that they're aware of all issues, and performs procedures quickly, confidently, and expertly. Artistic ability is vital when performing cosmetic procedures; a primary objective is to create natural-looking results. Dr. Ella is 100% committed to this goal.

Having a fully medically qualified and experienced doctor perform each procedure is your guarantee that every patient will be fully and wholly evaluated beforehand and that each patient's personal medical condition will be taken into consideration when deciding on the best treatment plan. Dr. Ella's 35+ years of experience as a medical practitioner makes her more than qualified.

Beyond her medical practice, Ella is a devoted explorer. She and her husband have traversed the Arctic Circle, visited the Galapagos Islands, explored Madagascar, and journeyed through Cambodia, Malaysia, and numerous African nations. She also hikes regularly, is a keen theatre and cinema-goer, enjoys visiting museums, and somehow still finds time to attend basketball and hockey games whenever she can. Dr Ella has seemingly inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm.

At YourLaserSkinCare, you'll find a multilingual team, fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, Armenian, and Vietnamese, providing a warm, efficient, and comfortable environment. Dr. Ella investigates every new injectable product and is committed to offering her patients access to the full range of available products. Here, you are guaranteed a comprehensive evaluation prior to treatment and a personalized treatment plan drawing upon Dr. Ella's years of experience and deep understanding of cosmetic procedures.

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Meet Dr. Fedonenko

Dr. Fedonenko is a member of the American College of Physicians and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

She completed her Residency at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1998 and has since specialized in Cosmetic Dermatology.

She obtained additional training in aesthetic medicine procedures soon thereafter, and the results of her extensive training and experience show in each and every patient’s face. She’s a doctor that can truly been trusted with your skin care and anti-aging needs.

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