Sculptra Aesthetic

109While those dreaded lines and wrinkles are often our earliest and most easily detectible signs of premature aging, there is another telltale sign that, actually, changes everything; the slow loss of facial volume. Loss of volume not only changes the structure of your face, but it alters your look and expression, your overall appearance.

Primarily caused by the the changing position of fat deposits and loss of collagen, the result is a hollow, gaunt look, usually in the temple, cheekbone or mid-cheek areas. Your face appears more severe, tired and drawn. FDA-approved, in 2004, Sculptra restores the softer, fuller, more rounded contours of youth.

How does Sculptra work?

Sculptra is a unique product that actually works with your body in stimulating the production of your own natural Collagen, which is lost through the aging process. Collagen is a key component in keeping your skin smooth and youthful looking and as it diminishes, the skin loses its support and the loss of volume begins.
Injected into the deeper layers of your skin, usually in four sessions, scheduled about a month apart, Sculptra works to gradually replace your Collagen and create the foundation to lift and restore the fullness that has been depleted with age. It is not an instant or quick fix but rather a subtle process that just keeps getting better and better as your body reacts and responds.

And the results? Sculptra has received raves for the natural, continual process of “growing younger with time” and a long-lasting effect that is visible for up to two years.