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Baby Botox: Taking Baby Steps with Botox Treatments

Posted on October 20, 2017 by Ella Fedonenko

Fine lines and wrinkles give a tired appearance to the skin. The decision to start Botox treatments can be a difficult one for many people. Many are worried if Botox is too strong, and if the treatment will make their face look like it’s frozen. Botox is a very powerful medication, but with the experienced doctor injecting it you should not have problems expressing your emotions after the treatment.

Baby Botox is the moniker used to describe treatments that use fewer units of Botox than what is considered a norm. The practice of injecting only small doses of Botox is a conservative approach that can yield amazing results. During a treatment, the practitioner injects small amounts of Botox into forehead hyper-dynamic lines, which results in a softened appearance without jeopardizing patient’s ability to show their emotions. Baby Botox will require more frequent treatments, but you should expect each session to be priced substantially lower because Botox is priced per unit.

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