10 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips You Need To Know

Posted on May 11, 2015 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Much can be done to skin to restore or maintain a natural healthy glow. Issues range from person to person but regular skin care is the first step in an anti-aging skin care regimen. Issues range from person to person but regular skin care is the first step in an anti-aging skin care regimen. Here are 10 ways to start treating the skin and body better and stave off signs of aging.

  1. Skin is a barometer of overall health. Getting enough sleep will show in a person’s general appearance. Sleep allows the body the time it needs to repair.
  2. Being able to manage stress is also a way to reduce the breakdown of collagen. Research shows that stress has a direct relationship to cortisol levels and an increase in stress will increase cortisol and cause the deterioration of collagen. Exercise, meditation and laughter have benefits that not only feel good but look good.
  3. Sunscreen should be used as a daily part of a skin routine. There are dual-action formulations and stand-alone sunscreens as well as those found within some makeup.
  4. Exfoliation should be done on a regular basis that is more than once a week and should be done at night for the best effect.
  5. Finding the best cleanser for a skin type and specific concerns benefits the skin. It is a useful idea to alternate between an exfoliating cleanser and a calming cleanser for those that get irritated by the frequent use of physical scrubs.
  6. Antioxidants maintain the membranes of the skin. They can be ingested or used topically. There are serums that contain multiple active ingredients for the best results.
  7. Keep tabs on the condition of the skin with regular check-ups. Moles, discoloration and other concerns can be monitored.
  8. Retinoids are available over the counter and via prescription. Studies show that retinoids promote collagen production.
  9. Some dark circles can be remedied with the use of fillers when fat is lost. The causes and treatments vary.
  10. Crow’s feet and fine lines can be addressed with the judicious use of Botox. Other treatments like laser treatments are also an option.

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