Are You Using the Right Skin Care Products?

Posted on April 7, 2016 by Ella Fedonenko

Choosing the right skin care products isn’t easy. Skin care companies all make similar claims, promising to eradicate wrinkles, hydrate your skin, give you a special glow – you know the drill. It’s quite possible you are using the wrong skin care products for your needs. If you aren’t satisfied with you current skin care regimen, that’s probably the case. 


A skin care product shouldn’t hurt your skin. That may seem pretty basic, but some people are under the illusion that redness is evidence that the product is working. Not true – such a reaction means your skin is irritated and not benefiting from the product you are using.

Your Skin Type

Make sure you’re using a product designed for your skin type. If acne is an issue, you probably assume you have oily skin. That may be partially true, but it’s likely you have a combination type skin. Your nose and forehead might produce excessive oil, while your cheeks are relatively dry. As you age, your skin changes, so your skin type at 20 is vastly different from your skin type at 40. A skin care professional will analyze your skin and recommend the best products for your type.

Taking Forever

If a product touts a visible change in your skin within ten days, don’t wait months for a result. You should see some improvement in a couple of weeks. If a product doesn’t perform, stop using it and find something that works.

The Right Purpose

There’s a reason that skin care products are marketed for specific areas of the body. You wouldn’t use an eye care product to moisturize the rest of your face, but it’s tempting to use a general moisturizer for your eye area. The skin in your eye area is delicate, and heavier moisturizers may block pores in the skin around your eyes.

The Right Age

Use products developed for your age group. If you’re in your 20s, don’t use anti-aging lotions packed with retinols and other ingredients that turn back the clock. They are too harsh for your skin.

Your Laser Skin Care

Your Laser Skin Care will be happy to address any skin care issues or concerns you might have.

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