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Posted on April 30, 2013 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

BOTOX is the Grand-daddy in the evolution of modern cosmetic dermatology. Hailed as the instant miracle-maker in the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles, BOTOX prepared and led the way for the facial fillers and other wonders that followed. And they are wonderful. Ask the millions of women – and men! – who use them. Frequently.

But while we delight in the magical disappearing acts of wrinkles and grooves, skin that sags here and hollows there and all the other premature signs of aging, we must also do our part.

Ours is the more mundane, but no less important, part. It won’t receive immediate applause or curtain calls. BUT – with time, with diligence and dedication, you will marvel at your smooth, fresh skin that glows with youthful vitality. For this is a whole new generation of skin care products, available for your daily use.

Like the BOTOX and Restylane, Perlane and full line of fillers, these products are high- tech, top-of-the-line and clinically-proven to restore your healthy, vibrant, younger-looking skin. Products like VIVITÉ® are specially-formulated to both rejuvenate damaged skin and protect it from further environmental and lifestyle stress.

But these are not your mother’s “face creams.” The unique VIVITÉ® line of products contain glycolic acid compound, one of the most beneficial Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids (AHA’s) used in today’s quality skin care programs. Glycolic acid is a miracle discovery, within itself.

Able to penetrate to the cellular layer of the skin, glycolic acid stimulates the growth of the body’s own collagen and elastin fibers, lost in the aging process. This is what keeps the skin firm and supple and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Over time.

So with a glycolic compound concentration of up to 20% (compared to the usual over-the-counter 3 – 10%) and an extra infusion of an antioxidant to remove the damaging free radicals, a twice daily “date” with VIVITÉ® will, surely, put the beauty into the regimen! And the best part? It’s all up to you.

Come back soon and learn more about these unique products!

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