Beauty in 2015: Brands to Respond to Consumer Trends

Posted on December 30, 2014 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

How and what we buy when it comes to beauty products is going to change in 2015, according to a trends report released by market intelligence agency Mintel.

That’s thanks to beauty companies amending what they’re offering to savvy consumers, as well as how they’re delivering their socially conscious products to consumers who want individualized, timely service.

The report says that consumer trends — smart technology, sensitivity toward gender definitions, personalization and bespoke products, consumer rights — will affect the beauty and skin care industries next year to an even greater degree than they already have.

Some brands are already manufacturing products that will gel better with new consumer expectations.

The following are highlights from the trends report. Trends affecting the skin care industry include:

Smart technology — Shoppers want tech products that help them not only save time and money, but also to increase something’s value and usefulness. Tech that can use data to then learn from a consumer can help both brands and consumers. For example, an app that uses someone’s uploaded photos and preferences to better suggest specific beauty products is seen as a value to consumers. It learns a user’s purchasing patterns and preferences to help provide new and improved suggestions over time.

Immediate service — Consumers want personalized instantaneous service … either in person or online. They also want to interact with brands on a more individualized level. Sometimes both of these can be achieved via unique product distribution, like pop-ups, vending machines and kiosks where goods are bought on-the-go. In fact, the report notes that 32 percent of U.S. facial skincare product consumers want to be able to purchase products in this way. Also, many brands are noticing that customized products are what consumers want most. Pop-up skin care labs by major brands offer products made just for your skin care needs.

Social accountability — These days, more and more shoppers are concerned about the ingredients in their products. They’re also more loyal to companies who have political and social beliefs that align with their own. In 2015, more companies will have to account and apologize for anything that consumers find and pressure them on. They will have to show a human side, according to the report. Consumers have a strong voice via social media, and they’ve effected change through its various public platforms. More companies will use customer input and create based on consumers’ feelings and wishes.

Gender sensitivity — Companies will increasingly be more sensitive to gender definitions and recognize the grey areas in this area. This should help the men’s skin care arena to flourish. It should also help women’s beauty in recognizing that not all women can be put into the same mold.

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