Behaviors That Can Cause Wrinkles

Posted on July 14, 2014 by Ella Fedonenko

Wrinkles such as crows feet and frown lines are part of aging. There are many reasons why they appear. Most studies indicate that age, hereditary factors, sun exposure, smoking, facial expressivity and nutrition are main reasons why we have wrinkles. Of interest, thirty-seven percent of women in the United States use some type of anti-aging cream or ointment because they want to look and feel younger. Effective cosmetic solutions to treat wrinkles are available, but we should really try preventing wrinkles from appearing in the first place.

Here are five common behaviors that can cause wrinkles:

  1. Poor diet- We should pay close attention to our diets. Eating too much sugar for example can speed up aging and cause wrinkles.
  2. Alcohol/ smoking- Alcohol causes dehydration and make skin appear less vibrant. Over time, wrinkles will start to form because of frequent episodes of dehydration. Many studies have shown negative impact of smoking on skin quality as well.
  3. Not removing makeup- Sleeping in makeup will cause wrinkles to form. Makeup needs to be removed before sleep as it could cause breakdown of collagen.
  4. Skipping sunscreen- The sun can be extremely damaging to the skin and just a few minutes of sun exposure can lead to breakdown of collagen.
  5. Picking- Picking is a common cause of skin damage. It causes irritation, scars, and eventually wrinkles.

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