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Posted on March 6, 2013 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

“Be careful what you wish for” can, sometimes, be wise and worldly advise. But even better, sometimes, if we really get lucky, we may actually find “everything we wished for…and MORE!” Did somebody just say, “BOTOX?”

BOTOX cosmetic, originally intended to correct the optical disorder commonly known as  “cross-eyes,” has been the veritable Fountain of Youth of the cosmetic dermatology industry, since 2002. Relax, release, and get rid of wrinkles here, there and everywhere on your forehead and brow. Even those “laugh lines,” which are really not so funny when they’re called “crow’s feet,” can disappear in the blink of an eye. Oh, that BOTOX.

But now, only 11 years after receiving FDA approval as a treatment for facial wrinkles, BOTOX offers more. Much more.

Have you ever considered a surgical “brow lift” to stave off the downward spiral of gravity? Your beautiful big eyes are still beautiful but not quite so big? And your lids have a heavy, hooded look with deeper folds than you remember? A few strategically placed BOTOX injections can lift your brows, raise your eyelids and restore your youthful look of wide-eyed wonder. And more.

Oh, that gravity – turning down the curvy corners of your mouth or forming jowls along your, once-firm, jawline. Or the vertical lines, above (or below) your lips caused by “pucker up and kiss me.” Or smoking? From L.A. to the east coast and around the world, everyone knows that BOTOX has become the Go-to Guru for restoring that fresh, smooth and youthful glow of vitality.

But what you may not know is that while the cosmetic uses for BOTOX are constantly increasing, the medical or therapeutic uses may, eventually, far out weigh its beauty benefits. Allergan, the drug’s producer, currently has more than 90 patents, currently owned or pending.

With a 30-year record of favorable research, 11,000 people studied and approximately 17, 000,000 treatments in the U.S. alone, BOTOX has proven successful in the treatment of migraine headaches, excessive sweating, chewing and swallowing impediments, various muscle spasms and is on the edge of treatment for stroke patients and benign enlarged prostate.

So keep your beautiful, big, wide-eyes on BOTOX where wishes really do come true.

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