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Can Botox Cure Bunny Lines? 

Posted on March 24, 2022 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Bunny lines are the fine lines that can show up on both sides of your nose when you wrinkle it – typically when you’re laughing or smiling. While many people find them perfectly normal and acceptable, others find them a source of distress. Bunny lines may not be visible when your face has a neutral expression, they may however start to become a permanent feature, especially as you age.
The muscles that cause bunny lines to appear are also involved when you flare your nostrils. People who have very expressive faces and who find themselves exercising their facial muscles often may be more prone to developing deeper lines on their faces, and over time these may become a permanent part of their appearance. Again, many people find such lines a normal part of the aging process, and may well find them attractive. If you’re not one of these people, Botox can provide a way to reduce or eliminate the problem.

How Can Botox Help?

Botox injections are able to temporarily limit or even prevent specific facial muscles from activating – carefully applied they have the ability to stop muscle movements that cause or exacerbate specific lines on your face from appearing. Depending on how much these lines have developed, Botox may be able to prevent the lines from being visible, or it may help to reduce the severity of the lines.
Careful application of Botox can greatly reduce the appearance of bunny lines, while not preventing your face from showing its full spectrum of expressions. The lines on top of your nose are not strictly speaking bunny lines, but can also be treated the same way.
Your practitioner should not focus solely on eliminating all traces of lines and wrinkles, but should instead aim to improve your appearance, while still allowing your face to look natural, and able to show a range of emotions. A wrinkle-free face that is unable to move risks creating a very unnatural look, something that a professional practitioner will strive to avoid.

Guard Against Over-Use

In extreme cases over-use of Botox between the eyebrows can even cause bunny lines to develop around the nose – this is caused by muscles surrounding the nose overcompensating for the immobilized muscles higher up when you frown, for example. In such situations, bunny lines can serve as an indication that you’ve had Botox elsewhere on your face, something that most people would find quite unfortunate.
Long-term use of Botox over many years also risks this muscular overcompensation – your best way of avoiding any unnatural-looking results from Botox is to carefully research the skill, medical training, and experience of practitioners before deciding on the person you will entrust with modifying your facial appearance. While a Botox treatment is not permanent, you may have to wait many months for the results of badly-applied Botox to subside.

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