Spider Veins
Varicose veins in female legs. The leg lies on a white sheet. Spider veins on upper calf
Spider veins are unsightly veins located just under the skin. Unlike varicose veins, which bulge, spider veins are primarily a cosmetic problem. They typically appear as a tree or spiderweb-like patterns. Spider veins are created when blood pools in the veins, and are typically blue or red in color. There are several possible causes for spider veins, but they are also more likely to be present as we age. Spider...
capillaries on the skin of the face, woman looking for laser therapy treatment
Broken capillaries are very small blood vessels located very close to the surface of the skin. They’re closely related to spider veins but cause extended skin discoloration and are often long-lasting and distressingly visible. Spider veins are often found on the legs or face – where they tend to be concentrated on the nose and cheeks. They can start to develop at relatively young ages, although they’re found far more...
Woman eating vegetables
Poor circulation can be caused by any number of physical or physiological causes, and in turn, can be responsible for a wide variety of minor or major health problems. These range from cold, numb, or tingling feet, swelling in the feet, joint pain, and muscle cramping...
Woman sitting at beachside having anxiety due to bulging veins
Bulging veins are the main characteristic of varicose veins, a condition generally caused by blood circulation problems. Identifying the cause of these bulging veins is often problematic – although they’re a direct indication that normal blood circulation has been disrupted, it’s not always evident what is causing the problem. Common causes of varicose veins are excess weight, excessive periods of standing at work, and hormonal imbalances, including the use of...
Continuing our recent focus on varicose veins, we’re moving to try to dispel several of the more commonly encountered varicose vein myths. Given the potential long-term problems associated with untreated varicose veins, these are well worth tackling. Varicose Veins are Just a Cosmetic Problem Varicose veins are, without question, a cosmetic problem in almost every case. However, given the range of possible health problems that can be responsible for causing...
Woman's legs
Varicose veins are visible symptoms of poorly functioning valves that allow blood to circulate in the “wrong” direction. The immediate result is increased pressure on blood vessels walls, leading to damage and weakening of the blood vessels, resulting in the twisty and enlarged veins that characterize the condition. Common Causes  Varicose veins can be caused by a variety of different medical conditions that can affect blood circulation, including genetic predisposition...
We all know that preventing problems from occurring is a better strategy than trying to fix problems after they’ve appeared. Although we can now treat spider veins and varicose veins, it’s a good idea to consider ways to delay or even prevent their appearance by modifying your diet.  Spider and varicose veins are the results of damage to the walls of the veins, caused by damaged valves inside the blood...
Three women performing exercise
Varicose veins can appear when locally increased blood pressure weakens the walls and valves of your veins, causing the veins primarily in the legs to become enlarged and twisted. There are several causes, including pregnancy, obesity, and standing for extended periods. Varicose veins can be surgically treated, but there are several other treatment options: laser vein therapy and Sclerotherapy, both of which offer practical ways to reduce or eliminate problematic...
Woman walking on beachside
For those prone to developing varicose veins, and who have decided to undergo treatment to remove them, it’s common to think that after treatment there will be no need to worry about the reappearance of this uncomfortable and unsightly problem. Or at least, not until a long time has passed. While this may be true, there are nevertheless several precautions you can take to minimize the chance of varicose veins...
Spider veins are the smaller cousins of varicose veins – they are twisty, fine, red, purple, or blue blood vessels that can be seen through the skin, usually on the face or legs. Unlike varicose veins they don’t cause the skin surface to bulge – although they don’t typically pose a health problem in themselves, they can be equally distressing. They typically form a spider’s web-like pattern, and up to 60% of adults will eventually suffer...
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