Change We Don’t Want to Embrace

Posted on April 23, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

Try as we may, we simply are not able to see ourselves as we really are. At least, not after the age of 30. We latch on to one thing, that may or may not be there, and miss the other thing that is crying out for attention.

But whether we are able to pin-point the “something’s different” and know, with certainty, just what it is, we usually do know that something has changed. And it bothers us. It may take a while before it bothers us enough, but it doesn’t go away. Until we make it go.

And when the time comes to “look like ourselves again” it’s important to remember that it’s not our own mind’s eye that sees what needs to be done, it’s in the eye of a top-notch professional.

You may go for the wrinkle-removing magic of BOTOX L.A. when it’s really the facial filler of Beverly Hills Restylane that’s required. You might make an appointment for Laser Skin Tightening when it’s Intense Pulsing Light that will provide the right skin rejuvenation.

Today’s anti-aging treatments and non-invasive procedures are life-changing. On any birthday, at any age. Recognizing what needs correcting and the subtle procedure to achieve it is the gift awaiting in the office of an experienced cosmetic dermatologist.