Dermal Filler Migration in the Face: Why Does It Happen and How Can It Be Prevented

Posted on September 29, 2023 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Dermal fillers are a very popular choice for anyone looking to rejuvenate their appearance without undergoing invasive surgery. However, one concern surrounding dermal fillers is the possibility of filler migration, where the filler moves away from the original injection site. This post will help you understand why this occurs and how to prevent it.

What is Filler Migration?

Filler migration refers to the unwanted movement of dermal fillers away from their original location to adjacent areas. This migration can occur shortly after treatment or over longer time scales.

What are the Main Causes?

Incorrect Technique and Overfilling

A primary cause of filler migration is poor injection technique. If a practitioner injects filler too close to the surface or uses excessive pressure, it can result in migration. Similarly, injecting too much product in one location can result in a pressure imbalance, leading to fillers migrating toward adjacent tissue. While in some cases, this might actually be intended by the practitioner, in most cases it’s not.

Product Choice and Individual Anatomy

Different filler products are manufactured with various ingredients, leading to significantly different consistencies and textures. Some products will be more prone to migration due to their composition.
Facial anatomy and muscle tone and structure can differ significantly between individuals; in some circumstances, this can have some influence on the tendency of fillers to migrate.

Immune Response

Even though dermal filler formulations are based on substances that occur naturally in the body, some patients experience an immune reaction, which in turn can lead to swelling. Such reactions are very rare, but in extremely rare cases, the swelling can lead to filler migration. Medically competent practitioners will discuss a patient’s medical history and any potential allergies before selecting a filler product.

How to Prevent Filler Migration

The very best way to ensure you get optimum results from your dermal fillers and to minimize your chance of having any negative outcomes is to carefully select the practitioner who will perform your procedure. You should choose a medically qualified practitioner, but make sure that they have relevant training, as well as extensive experience. Successful application of dermal fillers is part science and part art, and your practitioner should be able to demonstrate their experience and skill to you.
Your practitioner will help you select the best filler product as a function of the specific facial area or areas being treated, your medical history and lifestyle, and your expectations.
In addition to choosing a filler with the correct consistency and texture, your practitioner should carefully choose the most appropriate injection technique and inject the filler at the optimum location and depth. The choice of location requires expert knowledge of facial anatomy, but it’s also crucial to inject the appropriate amount of filler to avoid overfilling and the subsequent risk of migration.

Post-Treatment Care and Regular Follow-Up

You can minimize your chances of filler migration by carefully following post-treatment instructions, such as to avoid touching or massaging the treated area. Regular follow-up appointments with your practitioner can help monitor the results and catch any issues, such as migration, early on.

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