Did anyone just say, “Paul Bunyan?”

Posted on February 14, 2013 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

People often ask, “How can a product with an ‘OX’ in its name, do such magical things?” Because BOTOX does, indeed, create magic.

Deep frown lines, not only perform a disappearing act, but so do the extra years and the appearance of tiredness or negativity. It’s hard to have a “twinkle in your eye” when your brow is pinched and furrowed.

But there’s another benefit to the tiny BOTOX injections that is not as widely talked about. Let’s review, for a moment, what creates the wrinkle and what removes it.

Along with the natural loss of your skin’s elasticity, when a muscle contracts, the skin wrinkles. Then, over time, the wrinkle deepens, leaves an impression, or line, in the skin, much as many other repetitive actions leave their mark. With a few, strategically-placed BOTOX injections, the muscles relax and the lines diminish. Then disappear. Abracadabra.

Now here’s the added benefit. With continued use – and Botox may be easily administered every four months or so – and no muscle contraction, the wrinkles do not re-appear. The effects may last six to eight months, which will reduce the number or frequency of required treatments.

People also ask about the effects of BOTOX on surrounding areas of the injection site. “Will I be unable to make facial expressions? “Will I look stiff and unnatural?” “Will my face go numb?” Simply stated, no, no and no.

Only the muscle immediately creating the wrinkle will be relaxed. All the other facial muscles will remain unaffected. So, go ahead, “Oooooh and aaaaahhh” and “Whoop” away!

As for numbness, occasionally, the immediate area may feel a bit numb. But it will quickly resolve itself. It doesn’t need any treatment. No magic required.

Just as BOTOX was discovered as a magical treatment for facial wrinkles, quite by accident (it was originally used to treat eye disorders), new uses for this “most often requested beauty treatment”  – from BOTOX L.A. and BOTOX, BEVERLY HILLS to BOTOX the WORLD – are continuously emerging.

Will Botox ever be used to convert chocolate into one of the 5 major food groups? Probably not. Will it ever replace diet and exercise as an instant weight loss procedure?  Not so much. Will all of its current applications and discoveries be listed here right now? Oh, let’s not put the OX before the cart!

Visit again soon and learn all the other amazing things that BOTOX can do for you.

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