Get Your Botox from the Right Provider

Posted on March 16, 2017 by Ella Fedonenko

Botox injections are one of the most common cosmetic procedures worldwide. However, just because they are readily available does not mean that every practitioner who performs them is the same. There’s a lot to consider when you are trying to pick a provider who could give you great results with minimal risk:

1. Do not go to a home Botox party.
A party is not likely to be a sterile environment, so it brings a risk of infection. If you are at someone’s home instead of a licensed facility, you will not be able to get help quickly enough in the unlikely (but still possible) event of a complication or an allergic reaction.

2. Aestheticians are not permitted to give Botox in California.
Here in Los Angeles, we have some of the most stringent rules in the nation to assure that Botox and other cosmetic treatments are performed safely. If your provider is not a physician or a nurse working under the supervision of one, he or she is not legally
qualified to give you Botox treatments.

3. Pick the practitioner people trust.
Study reviews before settling on a Botox provider. A good practitioner will have positive reviews from a large number of patients, going back several years.

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