Hair There and Everywhere!

Posted on March 26, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

Long, luxurious locks of hair have always been considered one of a woman’s sexiest, most desirable attributes. Even men have discovered the captivating quality of the curl.

But as we discussed, last week, hair can also be a source of considerable embarrassment and cosmetic concern. Facial hair for women, back hair for men, any hair that appears in the wrong place at the wrong time is deemed “unwanted” and targeted for removal.

Fortunately, modern medical technology has provided many ways to treat unwanted hair: depilatories, shaving, tweezing, electrolysis and today’s most preferred method of hair removal, from Beverly Hills to L.A. – the laser.

The process is fast, cost effective and, usually, permanent. But, as with any hair removal procedure, you can only remove the hair that’s there. Visible. Above the surface. Available for removal. So, laser treatments must be repeated to achieve good results.

To make your Laser Hair Removal as effective as possible – and to avoid an unnecessary number of treatments, read“cost” –  here are a few simple tips to follow, prior to your treatment.

For at least, two weeks prior to your laser treatment, avoid sunbathing. The UV rays may interfere with the laser process. And for maximum results, avoid plucking, bleaching or waxing for four weeks, prior to treatment. The laser beam detects the darkness of your hair and bleaching causes a “hide and seek” game by lightening your hair and its follicle.

Tweezing and waxing removes hair at the roots, interferingwith the natural growth cycle. This is one time when the more hair follicles, the better. A depilatory or razor, which only removes hair above the skin surface, is allowed, if needed.

Finally, right before treatment, do shave the area to help minimize any discomfort as the laser follows the hair down to the root of the follicle. While most people tolerate the laser well, there’s never a need to “suffer in silence.” A numbing cream can be applied or the practitioner may adjust the laser to a more comfortable level.

And remember, small facial areas, like lip and chin, are usually completed within 10 minutes.

After your session, you might experience some redness or swelling, which is usually gone, within hours, by the application of an ice pack. And please note, it might appear as if some of your hairs are still present. It’s normal. Sometimes the hair doesn’t fall out for several days after the treatment.

Be gentle on your new skin and protect it with a sunscreen with an SPF of 30, for the next two weeks. And schedule your follow-up appointment for four weeks later. Then celebrate your new-found freedom: hair-free and lovin’ it!