Laser Hair Removal Benefits Military Amputees, Study Says

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Most laser hair removal clients select this cosmetic procedure for its amazing aesthetic value. However, a recent study demonstrates how it has the ability to improve someone’s quality of life.

Wounded veterans who must deal with amputations and prosthetics benefit from laser hair removal, according to a recent study titled “Improving Quality of Life in Wounded Warriors with Traumatic Amputations: The Promising Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at the Residual Limb-Prosthetic Socket Interface.”

Wounded warriors with combat-related amputations often encounter side effects from having to wear prosthetics. Veterans must wear a rubber sleeve, which is then covered by the prosthetic. As a result, skin irritations can occur like:

– Itching
– Pain
– Irritation
– Sweating
– Infections
– Abscesses
– Hair pulling

Some of these skin problems produce slipping and loss of stability. About 40 percent of military personnel with amputations have skin problems as a result of their prosthetics, according to the news release on the study.

The study, which looked at 10 veterans with 16 total artificial limbs, found that there were significant improvements to the wounded warriors’ daily lives. Improvements included fewer physical symptoms and less overall frustration. It also positively impacted their ability to exercise, work and participate in extracurricular activities. A notable decrease in sweating was observed, which resulted in less slippage with the prosthetic. This helped veterans feel more secure and experience fewer blisters.

The study’s results were so positive that researchers are hoping it will impact civilians with prosthetic limbs.

Laser hair removal is an affordable solution for not only aesthetic concerns, but also for skin problems as a result of prosthetic limbs.

The study results were released at the 2014 ASDS Annual Meeting in San Diego, which is a well-known military hub and home to Camp Pendleton.

Dermatologists have been treating wounded warriors’ unique issues such as scar revisions and improvements for years. Laser hair removal is just one more cosmetic procedure that can greatly improve the lives of these invaluable service personnel.

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