Laser Hair Removal Preparation Tips

Posted on November 15, 2011 by Ella Fedonenko

Laser Hair Removal preparation tips

Getting ready for your laser hair removal procedure? Properly prepping your skin before your appointment is the key to getting the best results. Follow these tips to keep your treatment as safe and effective as possible.

1. Avoid tanning.

You should avoid tanning for three to four weeks prior to your appointment. Self-tanners, including creams and sprays, also need to be avoided. The lasers are attracted to the melanin in the hair and skin. Tanning will “confuse” the lasers and botch your results.

2. Apply sunscreen.

Prior to your procedure, and over the course of your treatment, use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 to prevent damage from sun exposure. Like tanning, a sunburn makes it harder for the laser to work properly and can give you poor results.

3. Leave the hair in the follicle.

If the hair is not in the follicle, the procedure will not work. Do not use any of the following hair removal procedures for at least four weeks prior to your treatment:

— waxing

— tweezing

— bleaching

— threading

— depilatories.

4. Shave the area.

The day prior to your appointment, cleanly shave the area being treated. This shortens your treatment time and will also reduce pain and discomfort. Failing to shave will cause the lasers to target the hair on top of the skin. This can result in burns.

5. Keep your skin clean.

Do not wear any type of lotion, moisturizer, cream, deodorant or make-up in the area where your procedure will be done. These can refract the light of the laser beam or otherwise obstruct it, marring your results.

6. Follow your treatment instructions.

Your practitioner at your laser skin care will likely give you a series of instructions to follow to properly prepare your skin. Follow these to the letter. You may also be offered a special lotion following your procedure. Use this as directed to help your skin recover easily.


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