Latisse instead of an Eyelift? New Research on Skin Rejuvenation

Posted on January 4, 2016 by Ella Fedonenko

Latisse is not just good for growing lush eyelashes, but it could also be the answer for non-invasive, non-surgical blepharoplasty (eye lift surgery). As you may know, the substance has been used for many years by ophthalmologists to treat patients with glaucoma. In that application, where drops actually go into the eye, bimatoprost (the pre-Latisse formulation of the same substance), acts to reduce pressure within the eye. Eyelash growth was noticed as a side effect — and soon Latisse was created, and then FDA-approved, for that newly discovered desirable result, formerly considered a side effect.

Is Eye Lift is a Side Effect of Latisse?

Could Latisse become the new, non-surgical alternative to eye lift surgery? Recently, dermatologists have begun to notice, and get comments from patients, that the area around the eye seems rejuvenated after using Latisse for a period of time. Could this be evidence that the topical use of Latisse might replace eye lid surgery, known as blepharoplasty? One such dermatologist has published her findings on the skin rejuvenation effects of Latisse on the eyelid and surrounding under-eye area. She describes the effect as similar to a “chemical blepharoplasty” in a recent issue of a leading dermatology medical journal. The doctor reported “striking improvement” observed in patients using Latisse on their upper eyelids.

Use Latisse Only as Directed by Your Skin Care Professional 

The dermatologist cautions that, without proper medical guidance and supervision, patients could experience negative effects on the eyelids and surrounding eye area. However, with the right dosage and proper patient selection, she noticed eye-opening results from Latisse, including reducing eye bags or bulges, reduced “hooding” of the upper lid and tightening of the skin below the eye. Please note that this is an off-label use of Latisse, which is not FDA-approved for this particular purpose yet.

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