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Posted on October 26, 2015 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Women’s lives are moving faster than ever these days, and if there’s one thing most women wish they could spend less time on, it’s hair care. It can be especially difficult to look and feel great when rushing from a workout to a business meeting. Now, there’s a way to eliminate some of the inconvenience and stress from your life: you can control scalp sweating, and preserve a good blowout, with Botox. Botox for scalp sweating is a natural extension of its relatively common use for palm, foot and underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis).

Causes of Scalp Hyperhidrosis

  • Genetic factors
  • Medical conditions like gout or diabetes
  • Hormonal issues, menopause
  • Medication or supplement side effects
  • Social anxiety, nervousness

Hyperhidrosis can Harm Your Health

Although the press has concentrated heavily on the post-gym advantages of scalp Botox (quicker grooming, looking great and preserving a blowout), hyperhidrosis of the scalp can have serious health consequences for both men and women. Excessive scalp sweating can not only slow you down and ruin your schedule–it may even limit your social life or affect your confidence in business or personal relationships. This can contribute to depression.

Treating Scalp Sweating with Botox

In the past, excessive scalp sweating was treated with topical antiperspirants or systemic medications with uncomfortable side effects — or not treated at all. In 2008, Botox was shown to be more effective than topical aluminum chloride, according to a hyperhidrosis study published in a medical journal.

Today, scalp sweating is one of the common uses for Botox. When administered by a skilled medical professional, scalp Botox can dramatically improve your quality of life if you’re struggling with hyperhidrosis. It also keeps your hair fresh and clean longer, thus preserving your freshly-styled hair –so you can quickly go from workout to work.

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