Lip Augmentation

Posted on January 6, 2014 by Ella Fedonenko

Today, lip augmentation is fast and, depending upon the product, may last for several months or, even a year. With no real downtime. Some soreness and swelling may occur but is, usually, resolved within a week. And the look is truly lovely.

Along with the ease of the procedure, fillers allow the practitioner great control over the volume of the product used as well as its perfect placement. It may even be done over a series of appointments for a very gradual and natural look. And finally, an added bonus of using fillers is that the little vertical lines, above your upper lip, may disappear as part of the process.

So who might benefit the most from the lip enhancement procedure? Perhaps your upper lip is too thin and tends to disappear when you smile. Or you have a “gummy” smile and would like to expose less of your gum line. The natural aging process, and resulting loss of volume, may have changed the shape of your mouth or caused the corners of your mouth to droop a bit, turning downward. Your lips might be uneven and a bit more fullness might add just the right touch of balance and symmetry.

There are many reasons for enhancing the size and shape of your lips but remember that everyone is different. You and your practitioner should spend time really studying your face, your mouth, your skin and talking about the best look for you. There should never be a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your unique features and style.

And do keep in mind that lips are a, particularly, delicate area of your face and you should have a very experienced doctor or practitioner performing procedures on it.

Do your homework. Then relax and call Your Laser Skin Care center for a free consultation on creating your shapely new smile.