Magical Latisse

Posted on May 7, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

Similar to the “discovery” of BOTOX, as a treatment for wrinkle reduction (originally used in the treatment of“crossed eyes”), Latisse (under the name, Bimatoprost) was originally used as a prescription treatment for glaucoma. But, once again, amazing side effects were soon discovered – incredible growth of eye lashes.

In fact, the statistics that were found, during the clinical trials for glaucoma, were rather amazing: in just 16 weeks, 78% of the participants had longer eyelashes; 106% had fuller lashes and 18% found their lashes, darker.

So, in 2008, the FDA approved Latisse for the purpose of darkening and lengthening the eye lashes. And, while it is not yet approved for additional purposes, it may not be long until very robust research also supports the use of Latisse for the eyebrows AND for balding, as well!

Once a day, morning or evening, apply one drop of Latisse to the base of your upper eyelids. Be careful not to use too much product and do wipe away any excess that touches your skin (you might experience a bit of darkening of the lid from contact with the Latisse). And do not apply to your lower lashes.

While a small brush is supplied with the product, you might want to use a very fine eyeliner brush, if you are more comfortable with your own beauty tools.

Some people see noticeable results within just 8 weeks but do be patient for the full growth and thickening between 12 – 16 weeks.