Do Men Get BOTOX Too?

Posted on March 17, 2017 by Ella Fedonenko

For years, many have assumed that BOTOX is something that only women do. And, it’s correct to an extent: only about seven percent of BOTOX patients are men. However, more and more men are getting interested in BOTOX. A few of the reasons:

Looking younger gives you a competitive edge.

Studies show that men who appear younger are more likely to get hired.

There’s less stigma attached to men getting cosmetic procedures.

In the past, it was considered effeminate for men to do cosmetic procedures. As women’s roles have changed, men have realized that they do not need to restrict themselves in this area.

BOTOX is quick and easy.

BOTOX can be administered in about 15 minutes and results are usually seen within 10-14 days. Very few patients experience side effects, and the ones that do occur are mild.

BOTOX is cost-effective.

While prices vary throughout the country, average price for a unit in Los Angeles is $9-$14. Most patients need approximately 20 units to eliminate frown lines.

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