Posted on July 13, 2010 by Ella Fedonenko

Sclerotherapy – Broken Capillary and Vein Therapy

Little things can go wrong in the body as we age. For example, small blood vessels like veins and capillaries can break or become larger than normal. This can happen in people with a disease known as telangiectasia, and even in those without the disease. The areas of the body where this occurs most often include the thighs, around the knees, on the calves and on the ankles. It can also happen unexpectedly in the chest, back and on the arms. These unsightly spider veins can occur anywhere in the body.

When the breakage or enlargement occurs, the red veins or capillaries show through the skin. Sometimes these broken veins or capillaries are called spider veins. Other times, they are called varicose veins. The veins may be red, pink, violet or blue in color.

And if you have them, you know that it’s an annoyance that you really want to eliminate. That’s where SCLEROTHERAPY comes in to bring benefits. Sclerotherapy is Leg Vein Therapy. But it’s also Vein Therapy for Veins in the Chest, Arms, Back, and even on the Face.

Many people are concerned that if the veins are removed, there will be a potential problem later on. However, these veins do not serve any specific purpose and can be removed without posing any health risks.