Skin Rejuvenation in 7 Easy Steps

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

It’s a fact we’re subconsciously aware of but rarely think about with regularity. Sometimes we’re reminded by glossy magazines in the grocery aisle or those ubiquitous Best Skin Care Tips listicles — admittedly, not unlike this one — popping up on beauty blogs daily.

Maybe that random stomach rash is enough of a solid wakeup call.

Skin: It’s our largest organ, which means it’s just like our heart or kidneys, carrying out a vital function for our bodies. And how it’s functioning and looking should be more of a concern for males and females of all ages. (And if it takes 20 new blogs a day about this topic to keep everyone a bit healthier, then we’re happy to contribute.)

Skin’s appearance is a good barometer of your internal health. Skin abnormalities can be linked directly to inefficiencies of specific organs like the liver. And it keeps us protected from harmful pathogens we rarely think about as we’re walking down the street.

We often forget that it’s absorbing and reading and reacting to everything we apply to it: makeup, clothing, sunscreen and whatever is on our hands as we touch another body part, especially our faces.

The good news is that we can control and improve our health with thoughtful care. As we often see with facial care, skin is responsive. Enhancing the natural glow of our skin’s potential can be achieved with a little effort. When it’s looking rejuvenated, it’s a good indication that you’re doing the right things to live a healthier lifestyle, as well.

So here are seven ways to brighten dull or aggravated skin that may need a reboot following all of this summertime outdoor exposure:

  1. Drink Water — Arguments have been made for drinking mostly water, but that is impractical for many. However, the severity of that idea makes its own point as to the importance of hydrating with fluids (i.e. water, but also water-based beverages like tea, coffee, juices, milk) throughout the day for health reasons and for your skin. Water washes out toxins and increases blood flow to our skin to create a natural glow. Dehydrated skin can appear dry and winkled. So are you holding a glass of water yet?
  2. Some Like It Cold — There’s a lot of literature out there about the benefits of taking cold showers in the morning. Obviously, they help you wake up quickly, but they also can be healthy for you. As for improving your facial skin, it can help close pores. Take an ice cube and wrap it in a thin washcloth, patting it on your face. It will help stimulate circulation and create a smoother, brighter appearance.
  3. Take Your Zzz’s Seriously — How many hours of sleep a night an average adult needs is constantly debated. In fact, the topic recently became a hot news item again with research saying seven hours is ideal. (The general thought is that between seven and nine hours is best for adults, depending on your unique needs.) Obviously the reason sleep is a revisited topic is due to its importance for your health, including your skin. Skin regenerates while you sleep. But it can create some cosmetic hassles in the morning, such as red eyes and puffy skin. As mentioned, ice can help with not only closing pores, but also reducing puffiness. Try our VIVITE Revitalizing Eye Cream, containing 10 percent glycolic compound, to help minimize fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. Its recommended use is one a day or every other day.
  4. Keep It Clean — Pores like to breathe, and they can’t perform when you go without washing your face at night. Make sure to remove makeup that’s been caked on your face all day. More than two washings, however, can aggravate skin. Our VIVITE product line includes daily facial cleanser options, including the VIVITE Replenish Hydrating Facial Cleanser. It removes makeup, oil and residue with an unscented, soap-free formula.
  5. Block It — UV damage and skin cancer is a reality. UV rays effects on the skin are astounding when viewed with an ultraviolet light. Play it safe and use a broad-spectrum sunblock. A rating of at least SPF 15 is still a good base. Use it daily in your facial moisturizer. Try our VIVITE Daily Antioxidant Facial Serum with SPF 30. The product provides antioxidant protection to fight premature aging. Note: It is important to get about 20 minutes of sun a day, sans sunscreen, to maintain healthy levels of vitamin D.
  6. Shed the Dead — Skin can appear dull merely because there is a buildup of dead skin cells. Nothing can regenerate them; they have to come off. So exfoliation isn’t just something about which only females should be concerned. Our VIVITE product line includes a Daily Facial Cleanser that gently exfoliates and removes surface oil and can be used twice a day.
  7. Clean Insides, Clear Outside — You are what you eat, absolutely, because it manifests in your skin. A quality diet of fruits, veggies, omega-3 fatty acids and lean meats isn’t meant solely to get your weight back on track and to help stave off serious health issues like heart disease, stroke, cataract and macular degeneration and some forms of cancer. For a more immediate reward, eating clean with whole foods helps to increase collagen productions, which results in an improved complexion. Can’t work the daily recommendation of five to 13 servings (2.5 to 6.5 cups) of fruits or vegetables into your diet? Vitamins can help make up for any nutritional deficiencies. In particular, Vitamin C not only helps keep colds at bay, it also aids in brightening your skin.


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