Stop Teeth Grinding with Botox

Posted on November 2, 2015 by Ella Fedonenko


While Botox is primarily used to remove facial wrinkles, it’s highly effective for teeth grinding reduction. In a study of 13 patients, each with chronic teeth grinding issues, Botox helped patients reduce nightly teeth grinding.

How does it Work?

Teeth grinding, primarily, is the result of masseter muscle’s ‘nocturnal overdrive.’ It creates the need to relieve the tension through grinding one’s molars. Botox works by reducing tension in the masseter muscle.

Quick, Easy Relief 

The treatment takes approximately 10 minutes. As facial muscles relax, teeth grinding subsides.

The results are usually apparent  within 10 days. However, patients typically won’t see noticeable improvement in teeth grinding until about three months after the treatment. Repeat injections are needed approximately every 9 months.

The Benefits 

The treatment results in dramatic improvement in teeth grinding after only three visits. Teeth grinding, over long periods of time, can deteriorate molar surface area, resulting in chipped enamel. Patients also notice that tightness, pain and jawline tension is greatly reduced over time.

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