Study: Botox, Fillers, Laser Treatments Are Safe

Posted on December 11, 2014 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Even though these cosmetic procedures have been around for quite some time, some people still have qualms about their safety and potential side effects. A new study, the results of which were published Nov. 5 in “JAMA Dermatology,” is looking to assuage any concerns that may still exist about these procedures, which are offered and routinely performed at Your Laser Skin Care.

According to the new study, fillers, Botox and laser skin treatments are extremely safe with a surprisingly low rate of side effects. Even in the case of slight side effects (occurring in less than 1 percent of the procedures), the results were minimal and included bruising and minimal skin discoloration.

The study, lead by dermatologist Dr. Murad Alam at Illinois’s Northwestern University, collected data from 23 U.S. board-certified dermatologists. The dermatologists were asked to record the results of their cosmetic procedures for three months and then document any side effects for the next year.

The dermatologists who participated in the study regularly perform these cosmetic procedures, so the results don’t account for procedures performed by less-proficient dermatologists. Additionally, data regarding patients’ satisfaction with their physical appearance after the procedures was not collected.

RESULTS: The study’s data (from 20,399 total procedures)proved that people have much less to be concerned about than previously thought. Data showed that:

  • Approximately 1 in 416 procedures had a negative side effect.
  • Fillers (like Juvederm for example) caused side effects like skin beading or lumpiness in only 1 in every 135 cases.
  • Cosmetic procedures employing neurotoxins, like Botox, only caused a negative side effect in 1 in 3,333 procedures.

The study helps to show how these cosmetic procedures are very safe and sometimes preferable to major surgery like a facelift, which involves anesthesia.

Those looking to try one of these treatments should always research facilities and dermatologists before selecting a professional. Board-certified and well-established professionals like at Your Laser Skin Care — Los Angeles’s top-rated office — will ensure safety and the best results.

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