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Why Does Skin Stretch Over Time?

Posted on January 22, 2021 by Ella Fedonenko

Our skin, aside from forming the largest organ in the body, is responsible for providing us with a myriad of vital functions, ranging from shielding us from physical, thermal, solar, and viral threats to helping to regulate temperature and moisture levels, providing us with the ability to sense our physical environment, and helping to produce Vitamin D. 

Given all these functions, it may seem strange that we typically focus on how our skin projects our physical vitality to others, and more specifically, with how resilient our skin’s surface is and how it maintains a healthy and youthful appearance. Even more particularly, we seek to minimize the lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks that develop naturally as we age.

The main components of the skin that are primarily responsible for a youthful appearance and help the skin resist the stretching that results in sagging, lines, and wrinkles are collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are absolutely fundamental to the skin’s ability to remain resilient; they’re produced in the body. However, the body naturally reduces its production of both substances as we age, and this is the primary cause of loss of skin tone (which includes increasing looseness) as we age. 

Skin will also stretch when the body gains excess weight – either through pregnancy or when gaining weight, either through a bad diet or as a natural part of aging. Healthy levels of collagen and elastin normally allow the skin to recover after giving birth or after losing weight, but this is not necessarily the case for those who become morbidly obese or maintain significant excess weight over many years.

Causes of Stretching

As we grow through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, our skin obviously goes through a huge expansion. However, this occurs over an extended period, and our bodies are normally quite capable of managing this kind of change – our skin has the ability to grow with us. So, under normal circumstances, we all manage this kind of transformation without developing stretch marks.

Some people experience rapid growth spurts during puberty, gaining significantly in stature or weight, and this can also result in the development of stretch marks, even without being overweight. It’s also quite possible to develop stretch marks while being under-weight.

Stretch marks are a sign that skin has been over-stretched, either by rapid weight gain or by actual pulling of the skin. When skin is stretched beyond its normal range, the skin’s collagen reserves may be insufficient to allow the skin the recover, leading to the permanent scars we know as stretch marks.

Pregnant women are advised to apply specialized moisturizing products from early in their pregnancy – these can significantly reduce the chances of developing stretch marks.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are actually scarring caused by the over-extension or tearing of connective tissue in the middle layer of the skin. Stretch marks are often permanent, but they may lessen in appearance once the cause of the skin’s stretching has been eliminated. Even in cases when the skin remains stretched, stretch marks often lessen in appearance over time. 

Hyperelastic Skin

Some people have skin that is able to stretch well beyond normal limits, typically due to the over-production of collagen by the body. While they may be somewhat less prone to developing stretch marks, Hyperelastic skin can be caused by a number of different conditions and is often accompanied by joint problems. This condition can’t be directly treated; however, depending on the cause, it may be possible to manage it via medication and physical therapy.

Minimizing the Appearance of Stretch Marks

There are some indications that topical creams and ointments can help to minimize the appearance of stretch marks – especially those containing Vitamin A. Some believe that aloe vera offers a way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but we’d suggest using products that contain hyaluronic acid, which stimulates the body’s production of collagen.

Tightening Loose Skin

Laser therapy can be used as a safe and non-invasive way to tighten loose skin – it can rearrange and shrink the skin’s collagen fibers, but it also stimulates the body to create extra collagen, which is essential to maintaining healthy skin.

Your Laser Skin Care

Your Laser Skin Care is highly experienced in the application of multiple non-invasive cosmetic procedures, including laser skin tightening. We specialize in combining various products to achieve the best results – not only to find the most effective but also the most cost-effective solution. We can advise you on the most appropriate non-invasive procedures to help you achieve your cosmetic goals. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have on the most effective ways to address whatever cosmetic problems trouble you.  Call us at (323) 525-1516 to schedule a free consultation or visit us online for more information.


Can You Tighten Loose Skin Without Surgery?

Posted on February 7, 2020 by Ella Fedonenko

Collagen and elastin contribute significantly to the overall texture and resiliency of the skin. Collagen contributes to the firmness of the skin, while elastin helps the skin remain tight and recover from deformation. 

What Causes Loose Skin?

Anything that damages or degrades these two proteins can lead to wrinkles, lines and the eventual inability of the skin to recover its shape. Loose or sagging skin is generally caused by the gradual loss of elastin and collagen over time, but several other factors can also leave you with the same problem, including:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays
  • Smoking
  • Chronic dehydration
  • Significant weight loss, including after pregnancy
  • The gradual loss of subcutaneous fat beneath the skin that comes with age

Tips for Preventing Loose Skin

Skincare and Supplements

It’s recommended to try to ward off normal skin aging by daily use of a moisturizer. There is some evidence that taking supplements containing collagen and hyaluronic acid can slow down the effects of aging on the skin.

Antioxidant supplements may also help improve general skin appearance. Staying hydrated also has many important benefits.

Exercise and Health

Regular exercise will help maintain your muscle tone and have positive effects on your skin’s appearance. Maintaining a healthy weight will also, in addition to many other benefits, help your skin age as gracefully as possible.

If you’re under or overweight, try to return to a more healthy weight through a healthy balanced diet and exercise.

How to Tighten Loose Skin

– Regular facial exercises can help reduce looseness around the neck and cheeks, although it’s doubtful this can help with anything more than minor looseness. This type of exercise mainly helps tone up muscles beneath the skin, not change the resiliency of the skin itself.

– Regular use of specialized creams may provide some benefits in improving skin appearance and tightness.

Dermal fillers can compensate for looseness in some areas when caused by loss of fat beneath the skin (either age-related or caused by excessive exercise).

Laser skin resurfacing treatments are used primarily to address skin imperfections such as cosmetic spots, blemishes, and acne scars, but they will also stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin beneath the skin’s surface, helping to tighten loose skin.

Laser skin tightening lasers can also be used to address loose skin by heating the skin’s collagen fibers, which causes them to contract and tighten. It will also have the long-term effect of stimulating ongoing collagen production.

Interested in Skin Tightening Treatments?

Your Laser Skin Care is highly experienced in the application of dermal fillers, and in the use of both laser skin resurfacing and laser skin tightening techniques. We can provide you with advice on the most suitable treatment, or combination of treatments for your particular situation. 

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The Laser Skin Tightening Process

Posted on July 9, 2019 by Ella Fedonenko

This week we want to focus on a lesser-known procedure that offers an effective way to tighten loose skin. And it’s easy, safe, non-invasive, and produces rapid results.

Our skin is a complex organ, consisting of several interconnected layers. The tone, elasticity, and resilience of our skin are primarily due to a layer of densely interwoven collagen fibers in the dermis layer, and it’s this layer that is largely responsible for how young your skin looks and feels. As we age, collagen begins to degrade, and the skin starts to lose its elasticity and resilience. This, in turn, leads to the sagging, lines, and wrinkles we try so hard to avoid. 

Surgical solutions (e.g., facelifts) are one way to try to address the problem, but too often result in unnaturally tight skin. Plus it’s an expensive, painful procedure with lengthy recovery times, and it carries the risk of serious side-effects. 

Laser skin tightening is accomplished by using focused laser light pulses to apply heat to the collagen fibers beneath the skin gently. This precise application of heat produces multiple benefits – existing collagen fibers are slowly redistributed and rearranged, resulting in improved skin tone. New collagen production is also stimulated, resulting in progressive improvements to the dermis layer, which continue for several months following each treatment. 

The laser technique can be used on virtually any part of the body but is most often used on the face, neck, and chin. Discomfort during the procedure is generally minimal and does not require any significant recovery time. Side effects are rare, mostly limited to very short-lasting local swelling. 

Depending on the area being treated and the degree of tightening desired, several treatments may be needed and are typically performed at monthly intervals. The best part is that improvements to skin tone will continue following each treatment, as the body is stimulated to create new collagen, and the results look completely natural.

The procedure also has a role in preventative skin care – stimulating the production of new collagen will also help to delay the treated area developing looseness in the future. So if you fear you might be prone to developing loose skin, you can even help ward off the problem before it becomes a problem. 

We offer a range of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, many of which can be combined with laser skin tightening. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call us at (323) 525-1516 or visit us online at 


3 Ways to Treat Acne Scarring

Posted on August 7, 2017 by Ella Fedonenko

If you have ever had acne, you know how difficult it is not to pick at them. Unfortunately, improperly breaking the skin to remove the acne can cause deep facial scarring. Luckily, there are still a number of ways to improve the appearance of acne scars. We will discuss three procedures that are highly effective in treating acne scarring.


Skin Tightening – The Yag laser we use in our practice is a versatile machine that can treat pigmentation problems and tighten the skin for an overall improved appearance. The laser technician will use gentle settings to induce the formation of new collagen. Collagen is a primary contributor to maintaining youthfulness of your face as it gives the skin a plumped appearance and helps maintain its elasticity.


Chemical Peel – Chemical peel is a highly customizable procedure that can rejuvenate the skin and treat hyperpigmentation issues caused by acne. It is essential to choose an experienced aesthetic medicine practitioner to perform this procedure as they are responsible for determining the strength of the peel. I recommend starting with lighter peels such as SkinMedica’s Vitalize Peel and work your way up to more powerful Rejuvenize Peel. With this treatment plan patients usually see consistent results with minimal side effects.


Laser Skin Resurfacing – There are two types of lasers used for laser skin resurfacing treatments, ablative and non-ablative. Both types of lasers target the dermis layer of the skin to stimulate collagen formation. Ablative lasers destroy the epidermal layer of the skin to reach the dermis. Because of this, treatments with ablative lasers require a lot of downtime.
In our practice we use Palomar Starlux 1540 Fractional laser. It is a non-ablative system that uses laser energy to gently treat acne scarring and promote collagen formation.


Your Laser Skin Care in Los Angeles specializes in Botox and Fillers injections, laser hair removal and IPL among many other services. Please call us at (323) 525-1516 or visit us online at to schedule a free consultation.

Candidates for Skin Tightening

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Ella Fedonenko

Have you lost weight and are still unhappy with the way you look because of the excess skin on your arms or abdomen? Are signs of aging, which include sagging, making their way onto your face and neck? You could be the perfect candidate for skin tightening through innovate laser procedures. Loose skin can bring down self-esteem or confidence, so use the minimally invasive treatment to get your skin looking youthful and rejuvenated.

In Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, skin tightening procedures take care of any area of the body with loose skin. They include:

• Abdomen

• Neck

• Jawline

• Arms

• Thighs

• Décolleté

Skin tightening with laser has many benefits – one of the most important being the ability to tone or tighten skin without surgery. This allows patients to have a quicker recovery with lasting results. Laser skin tightening also minimizes risk – the laser works to heat collagen up in the skin, causing it to thicken and repair. The process leaves the patient with a new buildup of collagen, which tightens and tones sagging skin. Through the aging process, collagen and elastin production decreases and causes sagging around the eyes, or jawline, which is commonly known as “jowls”. Using a laser skin tightening procedure on the face renews collagen and stimulates a tightening effect.

Skin tightening is a perfect solution for those who want a rejuvenated look without surgery – such as an invasive face or neck lift. Whether you are middle-aged and want to put off a surgery, or are younger and want to tighten the skin around certain areas of the body, laser skin tightening is effective for men and women of all ages. Side effects are minimal – unlike more invasive procedures that require surgery time, post-operative care and recovery. In some cases, redness or swelling might occur in treatment areas, but subside within a few hours of the procedure.

The recommended treatment intervals take place every two to four weeks for four to six treatments, depending on the needs of the patient. After the recommended treatments, patients can expect to see results for six months – but in many cases, firmer skin lasts much longer and depends on the aging rate in each individual. Skin tightening options are plentiful around Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, and really provide a safer alternative to cosmetic surgery. With maintenance, healthy diet and a proper skin care regimen, you can have toned, youthful skin within a short amount of time.

Tips for Skin Tightening

Posted on September 19, 2012 by Ella Fedonenko

Skin tightening comes in all forms, depending on the amount of skin you want to improve. For those who have extra skin because of drastic weight loss, or decreased elasticity due to the aging process, skin tightening is a perfect solution to help you look and feel amazing at any age. Why does the skin lose its shape in the first place? The skin is constantly growing and shrinking, but over time, the elastic components in the skin begin to wear down, making it harder to ‘snap’ back the way supple, tight skin naturally does. If you have recently lost a substantial amount of weight, or lost it too quickly, you might find that the skin doesn’t shrink back fully right away.

Aging also causes the skin to loosen, as the production of elastin and collagen decreases, causing the connective tissue in the skin to sag. While we all know the harmful effects of too much sun on the skin, constant sun exposure can also lead to sagging skin! Sun breaks down the elastin and collagen, leaving it loosened over time. Skin tightening techniques are ideal, whether you need an injectable filler like Juvederm or Restylane to give your face a youthful glow, or a procedure such as a neck lift or tummy tuck.

There are two factors to look at when considering a form of skin tightening: non-surgical or surgical. Non-surgical treatments include:

• Fillers – Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are all commonly used fillers, injected into specific areas of the face or hands to restore fullness to the skin and reduce the appearance of lines or creases.
• Devices – Infrared light or unipolar radio-frequency energy is used to tighten the skin over a range of medical visits
• Resurfacing – Laser resurfacing minimizes the appearance of line and wrinkles, and helps promote the production of collagen to tighten sagging skin.

Surgical options include:

• Tummy tuck – Removes excess skin and tightens the muscle underneath the skin for a taut stomach.
• Lift – A skin lift may be done on any area of the body, and usually includes the removal of fat around the muscle fibers before tightening the skin for a youthful look.

These are two options to discuss with your doctor before deciding what the best treatment is for your needs. Non-surgical options are often ideal for those with minimal skin sagging, and can be completed in the medical office within a short period of time.

For more information on fillers, laser skin tightening procedures, and Botox in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, please contact Your Laser Skin Care at 323.525.1516.

The Wonders of Skin Tightening

Posted on January 29, 2012 by Ella Fedonenko

If you are concerned about the appearance of your face due to wrinkles and sagging skin but don’t feel like injections, lasers or surgery are right for you, Ulthera might be a good option. Ulthera is a new technology approved by the FDA to help tighten skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles without any injections or surgery.

What are the benefits of skin tightening?

Loose skin can happen for a number of reasons. Aging, genetics and sun damage can all play a part. Other factors, including weight loss, can also contribute to a loss of the normal elasticity of the skin. When your skin loses its elasticity and droops, you are likely to develop wrinkles, jowls and other unflattering features.

Some choose to address facial drooping with surgical procedures like face lifts. While this can be effective for improving the appearance of your face, it’s also an invasive procedure and carries a number of risks, including an unnatural appearance, permanent scarring and infection.

Instead of invasive surgery, the skin can be tightened using a number of procedures. Some popular skin tightening options include:

— Dermal fillers that are injected under the skin
— Injections that temporarily paralyze the small muscles under the skin
— Laser skin resurfacing
— Devices that use infrared or radiofrequency energy to tighten the skin

Ulthera: a unique solution

Ulthera uses ultrasound technology to tighten the tissues that would otherwise be addressed only with surgery. Completely noninvasive, the tissue is gently heated, which causes it to lift and tighten. In addition to the aesthetic skin tightening effect, Ulthera actually stimulates the production of collagen, helping the skin to rejuvenate itself and regain its youthfulness.

The Ulthera procedure takes about an hour or less and encourages the body’s own natural healing system to gently restore the skin’s memory, as well as that of the tissues underneath. Immediate improvement is possible after just one session, and over the weeks and months following, the skin continues to renew and lift.

No special preparation or recuperation is required, making Ulthera a truly unique solution to troublesome loose skin, requiring no downtime. While you may not see the dramatic effects that occur with surgery, Ulthera is a low-risk, more natural way to improve the look and feel of your skin.

For additional information on skin tightening in Los Angeles please visit our skin tightening page.