Tips for Skin Tightening

Posted on September 19, 2012 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Skin tightening comes in all forms, depending on the amount of skin you want to improve. For those who have extra skin because of drastic weight loss, or decreased elasticity due to the aging process, skin tightening is a perfect solution to help you look and feel amazing at any age. Why does the skin lose its shape in the first place? The skin is constantly growing and shrinking, but over time, the elastic components in the skin begin to wear down, making it harder to ‘snap’ back the way supple, tight skin naturally does. If you have recently lost a substantial amount of weight, or lost it too quickly, you might find that the skin doesn’t shrink back fully right away.

Aging also causes the skin to loosen, as the production of elastin and collagen decreases, causing the connective tissue in the skin to sag. While we all know the harmful effects of too much sun on the skin, constant sun exposure can also lead to sagging skin! Sun breaks down the elastin and collagen, leaving it loosened over time. Skin tightening techniques are ideal, whether you need an injectable filler like Juvederm or Restylane to give your face a youthful glow, or a procedure such as a neck lift or tummy tuck.

There are two factors to look at when considering a form of skin tightening: non-surgical or surgical. Non-surgical treatments include:

• Fillers – Radiesse, Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are all commonly used fillers, injected into specific areas of the face or hands to restore fullness to the skin and reduce the appearance of lines or creases.
• Devices – Infrared light or unipolar radio-frequency energy is used to tighten the skin over a range of medical visits
• Resurfacing – Laser resurfacing minimizes the appearance of line and wrinkles, and helps promote the production of collagen to tighten sagging skin.

Surgical options include:

• Tummy tuck – Removes excess skin and tightens the muscle underneath the skin for a taut stomach.
• Lift – A skin lift may be done on any area of the body, and usually includes the removal of fat around the muscle fibers before tightening the skin for a youthful look.

These are two options to discuss with your doctor before deciding what the best treatment is for your needs. Non-surgical options are often ideal for those with minimal skin sagging, and can be completed in the medical office within a short period of time.

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