Tips for a Flawless Botox Appointment

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Ella Fedonenko

No Alcohol

It’s not just a matter of not having a glass of wine with lunch. Abstain from alcohol for at least two days prior to your appointment.

No Anti-inflammatories

This one has a longer time frame, so it’s a little tougher. Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medications for at least two weeks before your Botox injections. Don’t panic if you suddenly recall you popped an ibuprofen capsule for a headache last week after you had your treatment. The use of anti-inflammatories simply increases the risk of bruising from the injections.

Light Makeup

Keep your makeup, especially any foundation, light on Botox day. Treatment areas are thoroughly cleaned prior to Botox application. Bring concealing makeup along and apply it afterwards to disguise any redness from the procedure. Avoid massaging or rubbing your face.

Relax Before and After Treatment

Keep physical activity to a minimum before and after your treatment. Exercise increases the odds of bruising. Forego even relatively mild exercise, such as yoga, on the day of Botox injections. Even though you should take it easy, avoid lying down for at least four hours post-treatment.

Bring an Ice Pack

Ice helps reduce any injection-related swelling and staves off bruising. You might want to bring your ice pack to the doctor’s office, as ice numbs the area before the injections.

Wait for the Results

Even though Botox injections take just a few minutes, that doesn’t mean rejuvenation is equally fast. You probably won’t see any difference for several days. By the fifth day or so, there’s a noticeable diminishment of lines and wrinkles, and within two weeks you’ll see Botox’s full effects.

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