Top 6 Myths and Realities about Laser Hair Removal

Posted on November 30, 2015 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

There are many rumors and myths circulating about laser hair removal and it can be difficult to sort out the realities from the laser hair removal misconceptions. Here is an outline of what to believe and what to ignore about laser hair removal in Los Angeles:

  1. MYTH: Hair just grows back after laser hair removal treatment.

REALITY: When you choose an experienced, medically trained laser hair removal expert, you will experience a permanent reduction of hair in the treated area. Hair grows back if the underlying cause of the excess hair growth is not diagnosed and treated.

  1. MYTH: Any laser will work to treat my excess body or facial hair.

REALITY: Cosmetic spas on a budget may choose to save money by using an old laser system or the wrong type of system for efficient laser hair removal. Be sure to select a laser center run by a medical doctor and one that uses a YAG laser.

  1. MYTH: Beauty salons can provide effective laser hair removal.

REALITY: Untrained staff and poorly chosen equipment can harm you, or at the very least, cost you money without providing results. Some beauty salons or spas advertise laser hair removal treatments without a properly trained medical practitioner to administer it. Beauticians or spa technicians should not be administering laser hair removal treatments. Untrained staff could cause burns on the patient’s skin or choose incorrect settings for effective laser hair removal. In addition, a beauty salon may not maintain a sterile environment to administer treatments.

  1. MYTH: Facial hair removal is no different from body hair removal.

REALITY: Your laser hair removal professional will use different laser settings for the face and body treatments. The probe size may also differ depending upon the size of the area where hair is being removed.

  1. MYTH: Laser hair removal won’t be effective on someone with light skin and light hair, and it may damage darker skin.

REALITY: The YAG laser, in qualified hands, can achieve results in low contrast situations, including effective hair removal in men and women of Middle Eastern or African ethnicity, without harming the skin. Please see a hair removal expert for a thorough evaluation of your specific situation.

  1. MYTH: Laser hair treatment sometimes requires just one visit.

REALITY: Multiple treatments in a series, at regular intervals, are required to treat all the hairs in their growth phase.

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