Turning Back the Hands of Time

Posted on March 12, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

Restylane – the facial filler that changed everything. Look years younger, instantly. No surgery. No painful recovery. No staples or tubes. No lost work time.

The standard procedure, for all the fillers, is the same. A series of small injections are administered below the surface of the skin. Depending upon the number of areas treated – the lips, under eyes, nose-to-mouth and mouth-to-chin areas being the most popular – the entire process takes about 30-minutes.

Restylane has also been FDA approved and the product may now be combined with the anesthesia Lydocaine, in the same syringe. Additionally, a variety of numbing agents may also be applied, topically, if you desire.

Following the procedure, you might experience some minor swelling, redness or tenderness. In some instances, there might also be some spots of bruising. All of these side effects will usually disappear in less than 7 days. Applications of ice, immediately following, combined with Arnica tablets or cream, does wonders to further reduce any discomfort. And here, with the vast experience in Beverly Hills facial fillers and Restylane L.A., physicians are skilled at making it easy.

Your practitioner may also discuss other precautions you might take in the week or days prior to treatment. Halting your supplement regimen and aspirin/ibuprofen products or blood-thinning drugs and limiting alcohol or sugar might be suggested to further prevent swelling.

Be assured that few products have undergone the long term research and rigid testing as the wonder drugs of modern cosmetic dermatology. And while there are more than 100 facial filler drugs, in use, around the world, there are only nine approved here in the U.S.

It’s safe, reasonably priced with minor and short-lived side effects and the results are stunning.