Vivite Line

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

If one product performs two functions, both well, that goes into the “yes” column, twice; once for benefits, once for savings.

VIVITÉ® Daily Firming Lotion is a top-of-the-line, high quality skin care product and a double-action performer in the complete VIVITÉ® beauty regimen.

First, as its name implies, our Daily Firming Lotion tightens and tones your skin. Your pores are diminished, your skin appears polished and smoother. Applied in the morning, it helps prepare your skin for makeup; a fresher, clearer canvas.

But that’s only one advantage of our VIVITÉ® Daily Firming Lotion. Formulated with a unique 15% glycolic acid compound, one of the most effective Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids on the market, lines and wrinkles are reduced while your skin is generously moisturized and hydrated.

Applied at night, VIVITÉ® Daily Firming Lotion continues to work as the glycolic acid permeates below the surface level of the skin to boost your body’s own production of collagen. You awake to firmer, more supple skin. A more dewy, youthful appearance.

There are nine complementary products in the VIVITÉ® line. Applied individually, you will enjoy the benefits of each targeted formulation. But used together, in a carefully designed program of total anti-aging skin care, your results will not only be noticeable, they will be dramatic.

From day cream and eye cream to a nighttime renewal cream, from cleansers to toners, exfoliators and moisturizers to a lip plumper that wows them in L.A. – nothing feels better than renewing and repairing every telltale sign of pre-mature aging. And feeling fabulous.