Why One Laser Hair Removal May Not Be Enough

Posted on April 2, 2021 by michael

Laser hair removal is a popular choice for those who wish to avoid the inconvenience, discomfort, and expense that come with having to schedule shaving or waxing sessions regularly.

Laser hair removal is a highly effective technique for removing hair, but it generally requires several treatments to prevent hair growth from returning fully. To understand why a single treatment is seldom enough, one must first understand the cyclic nature of hair growth.

Active vs Dormant Growth Phases

At any given time, individual hair follicles are either actively growing or dormant. Each follicle follows its own schedule, cycling between these two significant states every four to six weeks. Individual follicles do not synchronize with each other, so only a subset of the hair follicles in any body area will be in their growth phase at the time your laser hair removal treatment is performed.

Laser Energy and Growth Phases

The laser is able to remove hair by focusing its light energy on individual hair follicles. If the laser frequency is correctly tuned to match the hair color, then the hair follicle will absorb the light energy, heat up, and become damaged. Eventually, the hair shaft will fall out, and the hair follicle will die. But this whole process only happens when the hair follicle is in its active growth phase.

Effective Laser Hair Removal Scheduling

To achieve effective hair removal, it’s necessary to repeat the laser hair removal procedure several times before all hair follicles in the chosen area have been effectively treated. Generally, individual treatments are repeated after a four to six-week delay and may have to be repeated at least six times before complete hair removal is achieved. 

Even after six treatments, you may find that some hair will eventually re-grow. However, any hairs that do re-grow are typically much finer and lighter-colored than your original hair was. It may sometimes be necessary to perform additional treatments at much longer intervals, but the need for these maintenance treatments will also reduce over time, and eventually should stop completely.

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