BOTOX – Not Just for Wrinkles Anymore

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

While opening the door for so many other non-invasive anti-aging treatments, BOTOX remains the country’s most popular cosmetic procedure with an estimated $1.3 Billion in sales, annually.

But that’s just the beginning for this revolutionary drug. As one of the most studied and researched drugs in modern medicine, there have been a slew of additional uses for BOTOX, since 2002. Among the most prevalent medical, rather than beauty, uses are for severe Migraine headaches (FDA-approved in 2010 for people suffering 15 days, or more, a month), excessive sweating, bladder control, swallowing and chewing difficulties, muscle spasms and some stroke-related symptoms, as well.

However, today, there have been more cosmetic applications of BOTOX that are rapidly gaining in popularity and offering even more possibilities for BOTOX LOS ANGELES, BOTOX BEVERLY HILLS and BOTOX around the world! Here is an update on a few of them.

For over ten years, BOTOX has been used for the frown lines, between the eyebrows. But, as of September, 2013, the FDA has approved the drug to remove the “crow’s feet” at the corner of your eyes. Caused by squinting, frowning or heredity, these tiny lines have been the source of adding years to an otherwise clear appearance. Often combining treatment of the brow frown lines along with the “crow’s feet,” the eye area can be dramatically smoother and more youthful-looking quickly, relatively pain-free and most affordably.

Surprisingly, “gummy” smile is not a result of gums that are too large or teeth that are too small. Often it’s because facial muscles are too tight and lift the top lip too high. Injections along the lip line will help correct this effect.

At last report, Allergan, the company that produces BOTOX, had more than 90 patent-pending uses awaiting approval by the FDA. And more are added on a regular basis.