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Teeth grinding and jaw clenching may lead to numerous health issues including muscle soreness. Traditionally, dentists recommend mouthguards for people struggling with these conditions. Unfortunately, these dental appliances frequently don’t resolve symptoms of teeth grinding completely. Luckily, there are a number of alternative treatments available, Botox injections being one of the most effective ones. Botox is typically thought of as a way to treat wrinkles, however, it can be used...
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You’ve just had your first Botox injections, but your frown lines, and crow’s feet are still there. Don’t despair – Botox takes some time to work, and it varies by an individual. Most people see results within a week of Botox treatment. 
Having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your special someone? Not in the mood for a fancy, candle lit meal? A new study by the The Good Surgeon Guide has found that seventy eight percent of women want Botox for Valentines Day! It can be troubling trying to find the perfect Valentines day gift and for the most part the typical gifts always include flowers, chocolate, candle-lit dinners...
In 2012, there were over 6 million BOTOX procedures, in the U.S. As evidenced, all around the world, BOTOX remains the #1 non-invasive cosmetic procedure for frown lines, creases in the forehead and, with its recent FDA approval, for crow’s feet around the eyes. No wonder BOTOX L.A. and BOTOX Beverly Hills has maintained its popularity. However, as we noted in several other articles, there are more than 90 patents...
While opening the door for so many other non-invasive anti-aging treatments, BOTOX remains the country’s most popular cosmetic procedure with an estimated $1.3 Billion in sales, annually. But that’s just the beginning for this revolutionary drug. As one of the most studied and researched drugs in modern medicine, there have been a slew of additional uses for BOTOX, since 2002. Among the most prevalent medical, rather than beauty, uses are...
If you’ve been one to say you wouldn’t get plastic surgery, but you don’t like the fine lines and wrinkles developing on your skin, there is a perfect option for you – Botox. Plenty has been said about the substance, and in fact, many women use it to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth to turn back the hands of time when it...
Most people have heard of Botox being used as a way to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. What people may be surprised to learn is that in fact, Botox has many other uses as well. Here are three amazing uses of Botox– all of which have been approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). 1. Migraines: Migraines are extremely painful, and for the many people who suffer from...
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