Keep Your Valentine Looking Pristine For Valentine’s Day with Botox, Not Withering Roses!

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Having trouble finding the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your special someone? Not in the mood for a fancy, candle lit meal? A new study by the The Good Surgeon Guide has found that seventy eight percent of women want Botox for Valentines Day!

It can be troubling trying to find the perfect Valentines day gift and for the most part the typical gifts always include flowers, chocolate, candle-lit dinners or romantic pajamas; which are nice, but not age defying. You may think your special someone looks perfect the way they are, it just does not matter. Women not only want Botox, they would be completely impressed if they were given Botox for Valentines Day.

Furthermore, only seven percent of the people surveyed would be annoyed of getting Botox, while fifteen would be concerned but still happy about the cosmetic gift.

Celebrities are getting in on the Botox trend as well. Ms.Obama recently turned fifty and appeared on the cover of Ladies Home Journal. In the article she discussed how she would not rule out Botox and continued the discussion by stating “ Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves.”

Statistic Brain provides specifics on the number of people who receive Botox treatments which, according to their study, is around 2.95 million people.

If you are thinking about investing in botox for someone special, here are four great tips to inquire about before the big purchase:

● Do research on the Botox procedure. Find out what exactly botox entails.
● Make sure that the specialist doing the procedure is qualified.
● Check to see if this is a type of cosmetic procedure that the individual you’re getting it for likes.
● Find out what the results of the procedure.

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