BOTOX: The Perfect Place to Start

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

The good news about the natural aging process is that it’s natural, and a process. It doesn’t sneak up on you overnight. You don’t look into the mirror one morning and, suddenly, see lines and wrinkles.

When you do begin to notice that there’s something slightly different about your appearance – a frown or laugh line, a crinkle around your eyes where only a twinkle used to be – today there is something you can do about it.

With BOTOX Cosmetic, the grand-daddy of all non-invasive cosmetic procedures, it’s simple, fast, affordable and looks as natural as the process you’re reversing.

Since 2002, when the FDA granted approval to BOTOX Cosmetic for use in the treatment of lines and wrinkles, more than 1,000,000 people receive the procedure, each year. And its popularity is only growing with time.

How does BOTOX work and what should you expect during and after treatment? Simply stated, BOTOX Cosmetic interrupts the nerve impulse that signals a muscle to contract and create frown lines. By injecting a tiny needle into the muscle, the contraction cannot take place and the frown line is released, smoothed and becomes nearly invisible.

While every injection causes a sting, the BOTOX needle is very small and thin and the discomfort is minimal, and brief. The practitioner may apply a numbing agent, if you prefer, but it’s rarely required. The process is usually completed within minutes and you are on your way to continue your normal activities. There’s no recovery or down time.

After your procedure, there might be some redness, swelling, tenderness or slight bleeding, at the injection site, but these side effects should disappear quickly.

The effects of BOTOX are visible two to seven days after treatment. While the long-lasting effects of BOTOX vary for each individual, you could expect to maintain your results for up to four months, or longer. Additionally, you may repeat the BOTOX procedure every three to four months and never lose your more youthful appearance.

So if you are considering “doing a little something” to refresh your look, smooth your brow, reduce or even eliminate premature signs of aging – and want to start slowly and easily – BOTOX Cosmetic might be the very best choice for you.