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More and more men are turning to Botox and fillers to improve their appearance. For example, in the last eight years, the number of men getting Botox treatments has increased by 27 percent. In fact, Botox for men has become so popular that a new word has been coined to describe it – “Brotox.” Botox and fillers are popular with men because they are non-invasive and affordable ways to smooth...
Female patient being injected with Botox
That’s right, ladies—autumn is officially here. The weather’s getting a little cooler, the kids are going back to school, your local coffee shop is serving pumpkin spice lattes, and the holidays are right around the corner. In fact, Halloween is just a few weeks away. As we move into November and December, your schedule is bound to get busier and busier. And once the holiday season is in full-swing, you...
Doctor Performing Botox Treatment To Patient
Botox, which is a brand name, has become the generic term for wrinkle elimination treatment. It’s actually so much more than that. Patients with various medical conditions have found relief through Botox treatments, and new studies find the medication helps cancer patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy.
If you feel and think youthfully, why shouldn’t your appearance reflect that? With Botox, it can!
Today’s society puts a premium on looking youthful and healthy. People who look great tend to feel great, and that attitude shows in everything you do. Looking more youthful also makes good sense for your career.
The good news about the natural aging process is that it’s natural, and a process. It doesn’t sneak up on you overnight. You don’t look into the mirror one morning and, suddenly, see lines and wrinkles. When you do begin to notice that there’s something slightly different about your appearance – a frown or laugh line, a crinkle around your eyes where only a twinkle used to be – today there...
There are many locations in Southern California that offer skin tightening, fillers or Botox, so it’s important to know what to look for when choosing a skin care center. In Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, laser hair removal and other treatments help you look and feel your best – that’s why you need to select the center that offers you the best care and highly qualified doctors to perform your...
The decision to get Botox is an important one. Because Botox it is a medical procedure, it is important for you to be well-informed before you make that decision. Additionally, you want to be confident in your choice of provider. This is a delicate procedure and should only be performed by someone you trust. The following three questions will help you decide if Botox is right for you: 1. Who...
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She completed her Residency at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1998 and has since specialized in Cosmetic Dermatology.

She obtained additional training in aesthetic medicine procedures soon thereafter, and the results of her extensive training and experience show in each and every patient’s face. She’s a doctor that can truly been trusted with your skin care and anti-aging needs.

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