Look Just as Youthful as You Feel with Botox

Posted on August 31, 2015 by Ella Fedonenko


If you feel and think youthfully, why shouldn’t your appearance reflect that? With Botox, it can!

The majority of individuals who use Botox are women ages 35 to 50, and they’re not willing to simply “grow old gracefully.” Instead, patients believe that if they don’t think or feel old, they shouldn’t have to look old.

For an average cost between $200 and $800 per treatment, Botox provides a more youthful appearance for faces that are beginning to look tired or even angry due to wrinkles and frown lines. And patients say knowing they won’t see makeup concentrated in facial lines at the end of the day makes them feel better about themselves.

Great results, but temporary

Among a number of Botox uses, smoothing wrinkles is the most sought-after. While Botox is highly effective in erasing facial wrinkles and fine lines, the results are temporary. After about four months, wrinkles and lines begin to reappear gradually, and another treatment is required. However, experts note that with repeated Botox treatments, effects may last longer as facial muscle response weakens from non-use.

Patients don’t mind coming in for injections every few months, because the process is so quick and convenient. Many come in on their lunch hour and are done in less than half an hour.

Practically no pain

Because Botox is injected with very small needles, the procedure is virtually pain-free. In most cases, patients are not numbed beforehand. However, individuals who are very sensitive to pain may choose to have a numbing agent administered prior to the treatment. Patients typically see results in two to five days.

Minimal risks

The risk of side effects is very low for Botox injections. Botox treatments are used in small doses and have been extensively tested for safety for a number of years.

Botox uses also include:

  • Treatment of excessive sweating.
  • Treatment of chronic migraine headaches.
  • Treatment of overactive bladder.

To look as young as you feel, consider Botox

Among many Botox uses, smoothing facial lines and looking younger are some of the most popular. To schedule a consultation please visit us online at www.YourLaserSkinCare.com, or call us at 323 525 1516.