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Considering a Full-Face Hot-Wax Treatment? Think Again!

Posted on April 30, 2021 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

One of the more outlandish ideas currently circulating on TikTok is the full-face hot-wax facial treatment. It’s being advocated as a safe and beneficial quick-and-easy way to remove all unwanted hair in one fell swoop. If you hear warning bells ringing, and the thought that maybe that’s not the best way to achieve the smooth, hairless look comes into your mind, then well done – your intuition is right. Here are just some of the reasons why.

What Exactly is a Full-Face Hot-Wax Treatment?

The technique varies, but essentially involves inserting breathing straws into the nose, and covering the entire face with hot wax or resin. Some videos also show wax placed inside the ears and nostrils; some show wax covering the entire area from the forehead down to the neck. The wax is eventually pulled off, along with most (or all) hair from the treated area.

Waxing Areas that Should Not be Waxed

Skin surrounding the eyes is thin and easily damaged – not least by the application of hot wax. This skin also risks being torn when the cooled wax is aggressively stripped off after cooling.

The skin lining the nostrils and ears is also easily damaged, and should never have hot wax applied to it. There’s the danger that some wax particles will remain inside after removal – this can cause infection, and might even need to be surgically removed afterwards.

Obstructed Breathing

Obviously covering one’s nose can obstruct breathing, even if precautions have been taken to insert breathing straws. It’s also possible to inhale small wax particles left inside the nostrils. Doctors have warned about the danger of asphyxiation if the person performing the procedure is untrained or inexperienced.

Waxing Large Skin Areas is a Bad Idea

Applying hot wax to large areas of skin and then removing it risks over-exfoliating the skin, leaving it raw, unprotected, and vulnerable to subsequent infection. Small pimples or pus-filled bumps can easily result from the over-enthusiastic application of hot wax to sensitive areas. The act of applying heated wax is also risky – it’s quite easy to burn the sensitive skin on and around the face. Scarring is also a potential problem when hot wax is applied to sensitive skin areas. Removing the wax requires skill to prevent bruising or even bleeding, and over-aggressive wax application can easily lead to skin abrasions, scratches, laceration, or worse.

“It’s Not Bad For Your Skin”

This phrase has been used as a way to characterize the process, but the question we think you should instead be asking is whether any part of the procedure is good for the skin. Some people will have the procedure performed by untrained or insufficiently trained “beauticians”, while others may even be tempted to perform the procedure on themselves. As should by now be obvious, we think there are a whole raft of reasons to avoid this procedure entirely, and very few, if any, reasons why it might be a good idea.

Not Every Internet Fad is Worth Following

Internet social media platforms are extremely effective ways of spreading ideas rapidly to potentially huge audiences. Unfortunately these same social media platforms typically take no responsibility for disseminating what may prove to be harmful or even dangerous ideas. We strongly recommend against following internet fads, particularly when they involve potentially risky behavior. In this case there’s little to no evidence that this technique actually has any positive benefits, and a whole lot of reasons why it may not work, and why it may potentially be quite harmful.

In this case we see that videos not only target adults, who at least are responsible for their own actions, but also children. Putting aside the fact that children are the last group who should be worrying about excess facial hair, they are also being placed in potentially dangerous situations by the same adults who should instead be protecting them from unproven and unnecessary cosmetic treatments.

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