Facial Hair Removal Methods

Posted on October 31, 2012 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

If you’re a woman, facial hair can mean feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about how you look in public. Growth of facial hair has many causes – the two most common reasons being genetics or hormone imbalance, but it’s rarely the symptom of anything serious. In fact, many women experience the growth of facial hair simply as a sign of aging, and as hormone levels fluctuate from the 20s to the 40s, an increase in facial hair is likely. So what can you do about the unwanted facial hair? There are plenty of options, ranging from at-home care to laser hair removal.

Depilatories – Easy to find at the drugstore, these hair removal creams have vastly improved over the last few decades. Creams gently remove facial hair in unwanted areas – such as the upper lip, cheeks and between the eyebrows, but results only last a few days. One downside of using hair removal cream? The ingredients in many products might be irritating to many facial skin types.

Waxing – You’ll find this option at many nail or beauty salons, and while effective, it’s usually painful. Waxing is a good option when you want to remove hair for four to six weeks at a time – the warm wax grips hair follicles to ensure they are literally removed by the root. The treatment is inexpensive, but frequent use could irritate thinning skin around the eyebrows or delicate skin around the lips.

Laser – In Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, laser hair removal is usually one of the most effective hair removing treatments used by women. During the procedure, pulsing light removes hair at the follicle to create a hair-free, smooth surface. While treatments are more expensive than at-home waxes or creams, they have longer lasting results, don’t damage the skin, and effectively minimize hair growth.

In addition to the ease of laser hair removal, there are a few benefits that the other options don’t have, including:

• It’s precise, meaning the hair is removed while the skin isn’t harmed

• It’s a long-term solution – after just a few sessions, hair loss is often permanent

• It’s fast – depending on the area of treatment, laser removal takes anywhere from a minute on the face to an hour for larger areas, such as the back or legs

There are many options when it comes to removing unwanted hair – and while laser hair removal might seem more expensive, the costs savings over time add up and you don’t have to worry about noticeable re-growth or visiting a salon as soon as growth occurs.

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