How to Maximize the Effectiveness of CoolSculpting

Posted on June 26, 2020 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko


CoolSculpting is rapidly growing in popularity as a highly effective way to selectively achieve visible reductions in unwanted fat deposits in many parts of the body. The CoolSculpting procedure is relatively straightforward and allows highly targeted fat reduction to be performed with minimal side effects. Despite its relative simplicity, there are still several ways to improve the results that CoolSculpting brings, following the following recommendations before treatment. 

Try to Lose Excess Weight

It might seem strange to recommend losing weight before having a fat-reduction procedure, but this can be very beneficial. CoolSculpting is not an effective weight-loss mechanism – and although it’s effective at removing excess fat from specific areas, it’s limited in which body areas can be treated. In particular, it’s mostly effective at removing subcutaneous fat and is much less effective at targeting deep-body visceral fat.

By getting close to your target weight before CoolSculpting treatment, aside from the general health benefits that will follow, you’ll maximize the CoolSculpting procedure’s effectiveness. CoolSculpting can help eliminate the hard-to-lose subcutaneous fat deposits that are often left behind after significant overall weight loss.

Minimize Complications by Avoiding Some Medications

You can minimize the chance of developing bruising following a CoolSculpting session by avoiding the use of any medications and supplements that can act to modify normal blood clotting, for a week or so before treatment. Even over-the-counter medications like aspirin (an effective blood thinner) can make bruising more likely, and supplements like fish oil or vitamin E can have similar effects.

Protect Your Skin

Unnecessary sun exposure is generally frowned upon but is especially discouraged before many cosmetic procedures. You don’t want to worry about any extra pain or discomfort due to sun-burnt or sun-damaged skin interfering with or complicating the use of the CoolSculpting cooling pads. Similarly, any other skin damage, such as cuts or bruises, are best left to heal before starting CoolSculpting treatment.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is considered to be bad for your health, with or without other considerations. If you are a smoker, seriously consider stopping for several days before treatment to ensure your body is in the best possible shape to recover quickly from the loss of fat during each CoolSculpting procedure.

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