Los Angeles Men Are Discovering A Botox Secret: It Stops Excess Sweating!

Posted on December 21, 2015 by Ella Fedonenko


When you think about Botox in Los Angeles, you might imagine that its primary use is restoring that youthful, rested look to actors, actresses and other image-conscious business people. In reality though, there are many medically necessary uses for Botox that also happen to make you look and feel better in social situations. As a hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) treatment, Botox is very popular across gender lines. Lately, however, we’ve noticed that Botox for sweating is being increasingly sought out by men.

Improve Your Quality of Life: Enjoy the Dry Look

Some dermatologists have attributed the Botox-for-sweating trend to a guy’s desire to look cool, calm and collected at business meetings. Excessive scalp, underarm or hand/palm perspiration can certainly make doing those crucial business deals more problematic — for both men and women! As career-limiting as it may be, profuse sweating can have even more dramatic effects on your life. Severe perspiration can contribute to depression and social anxiety in some people.

Long-Term, Local Treatment is Best for the Body

Men (and women) are wise to look for treatment for a medical condition like hyperhidrosis, and Botox is an elegant solution for stress-induced sweating. Oral medications may be given for excessive sweating, but they can have whole-body side effects, too.

A local solution, like Botox injections in the scalp, armpits, palms or soles, is unlikely to have systemic effects on the body, making it a smart remedy for sweating. Part of the beauty of Botox is that it need only be repeated a few times per year, so no daily fuss in required.

If you’d like to learn more about how Botox for sweating might benefit you, no matter your gender, contact us at Your Laser Skin Care in Los Angeles today!