Male Bikini Laser Hair Removal is on the Rise

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Dr Elenora Fedoneko

Bare skin just feels good. Warm, responsive and pliable to touch, it is an inherently well-constructed sensory organ. Many individuals report higher feelings of self-confidence and sex appeal when their skin is relatively hairless. Traditional means of shaving and waxing are one way of removing unwanted hair. Men want to look and feel attractive and there is a shift towards the use of laser hair removal on male bikini lines.

Traditional methods of hair removal such as waxing require frequent upkeep. In high-friction areas, sensitive areas are prone to irritation, redness and unsightly ingrown hair. Stubble is an issue and with some ethnicities, body hair is naturally more prevalent. Waxing is less frequent in terms of upkeep but ingrown hairs still can occur and it is not a permanent way to reduce or remove the appearance of unsightly body hair.

Laser hair removal for men may be an ideal choice. Pubic hair is typically more coarse and on men, naturally more so than with women. Laser hair removal may be the ideal choice for men with dark, thick hair and lighter complexions. Laser hair removal can be used to permanently reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. As men look take their cues from media images, they see that bare-chested celebrities are the norm. Statistics show that men are taking advantage of the laser hair removal:

  • Rise of 3.5% in male laser hair removal treatments
  • Increase of 41.6% in treatments for the bikini line and Brazilian area
  • Increase of 8.4% for the underarms area
  • Growth of 6.6% for facial hair removal
  • Gain of 4.4% for torso hair removal

For some, laser hair removal provides a permanent way to reduce their unwanted hair and many patients wish that they had tried it earlier. Satisfied customers typically require 6-8 treatments of laser hair removal.

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