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Laser hair removal is the high-tech way to remove hair from anywhere on the body. It works by using pulses of laser light to target the pigment inside the root of each hair – the follicle. Laser light is absorbed by the follicle, which damages it and inhibits further hair growth. You can prepare for laser hair removal, and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the procedure, by...
Unsightly varicose veins are a top reason many of us choose to wear clothes that conceal our bodies. Spider veins are particularly troublesome because they often protrude from the skin in highly visible patterns. Spider veins most frequently show up on the legs, and they form for a variety of reasons including genetics, obesity, and hormonal fluctuations. Fortunately, due to advances in medical technology there are now several treatment options...
Fall is a season of new beginnings. The kids head off to school and we return to the office with a few more dark spots and fine lines than before our summer vacation. Fortunately, the cooler months offer an excellent opportunity to repair and rejuvenate the skin. At Your Laser Skin Care we offer high quality and effective skincare products and treatments that will help restore your skin. One of...
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New Year’s Eve is the most glamorous night of the year. It’s a great excuse to dress up, have a glass of champagne, and celebrate with your friends, and family. Since you’ll definitely want to look your very best for this fabulous occasion, it’s very important to plan ahead and make sure that you follow a beauty routine. Here’s your New Year’s Eve beauty countdown:
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The holidays are such an exciting time of year. Between shopping for gifts, spending time with family and friends, and hosting out-of-town guests, your social calendar is likely to be very full this December. And while celebrating the season is definitely fun, it can also be stressful. In order to look your very best for all of those holiday get-togethers, it’s important to remember to take care of yourself too....
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It’s November, which means that fall season is in full-swing. If you’re like most women, your likely to have a little more free time on your hands this time of the year. So why not spend those extra hours pampering yourself? Consider our top 4 tips to get a gorgeous autumn glow. 1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize If you want truly beautiful, healthy skin, you must moisturize. Apply a high-quality body...
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That’s right, ladies—autumn is officially here. The weather’s getting a little cooler, the kids are going back to school, your local coffee shop is serving pumpkin spice lattes, and the holidays are right around the corner. In fact, Halloween is just a few weeks away. As we move into November and December, your schedule is bound to get busier and busier. And once the holiday season is in full-swing, you...
A 2008 study showed that the average American woman spends two full months over the course of her lifetime removing unwanted hair! And 85 percent of American women claim to regularly do hair removal.
Bare skin just feels good. Warm, responsive and pliable to touch, it is an inherently well-constructed sensory organ. Many individuals report higher feelings of self-confidence and sex appeal when their skin is relatively hairless. Traditional means of shaving and waxing are one way of removing unwanted hair. Men want to look and feel attractive and there is a shift towards the use of laser hair removal on male bikini lines.
Whether you are trying to perfect a mustache or craft a smooth and hairless face, you have probably had your fair share of razors. Men are starting to discover just how messy, and sometimes even painful, razors really are. Laser hair removal is the best option for a lot of men because it is a permanent solution for getting rid of unwanted hair. Between the amount of time, money, and...
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She completed her Residency at the University of Virginia School of Medicine in 1998 and since then has specialized in Cosmetic Dermatology.

She obtained additional training in aesthetic medicine procedures soon thereafter, and the results of her extensive training and experience show in each and every patient’s face. She’s a doctor that can truly been trusted with your skin care and anti-aging needs.

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