Prevention is Key When Starting Botox

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Ella Fedonenko


Botox as a preventive treatment is gaining popularity with the Millennial generation, according to recent statistics. Among people in their 20s, use of the procedure has increased in 2015 by 6 percent over the previous year and it is up 7 percent among people in their 30s.

Botox is the country’s most popular minimally invasive cosmetic procedure. While younger individuals typically do not yet need Botox treatments for its most popular use — erasing fine lines and wrinkles — many seek preventive therapy to help stop wrinkles from forming.

When to Start Botox for Prevention

For some patients, forehand wrinkles can begin to form when they are in their 20s. The age at which wrinkles form depends largely on genetics and the frequency of furrowing of brows.

The preventive use of Botox works by weakening muscles and decreasing facial over-expression, which causes wrinkles to become deeper.

Botox Frequency for Preventive Use

As with other uses of Botox, the effects from preventive administration are temporary. Additional treatments are needed every three to six months.

In addition to preventive use, research indicates that Botox can reverse existing wrinkles. Botox works by stopping progression of wrinkles and allowing body’s natural repair mechanisms to act.

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