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Get Fuller Lashes with Latisse

Posted on February 8, 2018 by Ella Fedonenko

Ever since the days of ancient Egypt men and women have utilized different cosmetic enhancements to improve the appearance of their lashes. In those days people turned to substances such as soot to accentuate their lashes, and the bolder lashes were viewed as a sign of beauty. Luckily time has evolved cosmetic formulas, but the desire for longer and thicker lashes has remained the same.


If you examined the beauty routines of people from all over the world you’d find that millions strive to make their lashes more noticeable, and they often choose mascara to achieve this goal. Mascara is somewhat of an inexpensive way to make your lashes look more beautiful, but the formulas often affect negatively the health of the real lashes.


In 2008, Latisse received FDA approval to treat hyportrichosis. For years this condition has been notoriously hard to treat, but Latisse now offers hope to those suffering from inadequate or sparse eyelashes.


Below we have listed answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about this groundbreaking treatment.


What is Latisse?

Latisse is a topical medication that is clinically proven to lengthen and darken eyelashes. Latisse works by augmenting eyelashes growth phase.


What is the active ingredient in Latisse?

Bimatropost is the active ingredient in Latisse. It is found in certain types of eyedrops.


How often should I apply Latisse?

Latisse should be applied on a nightly basis. Sterile applicators are provided for your convenience when you purchase Latisse.


How should I apply Latisse?

Latisse should only be applied to the upper lash line near the base of the eyelashes.


When can I expect to see the results?

Patients can expect to see longer and darker lashes in three to four weeks. Achieving full results usually takes approximately four months. 

Where can I purchase Latisse? 
Latisse is a prescription medication that is available only through authorized medical providers.


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Is it Time to Take a Vacation (From Your Makeup)?

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Ella Fedonenko

If you’re like most women, makeup is a big part of your daily routine. While makeup can be a great way to feel more polished and confident, I recommend taking a makeup holiday every so often for better, smoother skin. Read on to find out why you should consider a makeup vacation. (more…)

Video: Latisse for Longer, Fuller Lashes

Posted on June 24, 2016 by Ella Fedonenko

Dr. Ella Fedonenko explains how Latisse can lengthen and thicken your lashes for a more youthful appearance. Watch patients describe how it has exceeded their expectations.



Botox is Safe and Effective Treatment of Migraines and Other Neurological Disorders

Posted on June 6, 2016 by Ella Fedonenko

The same drug that smooths out your skin can help soothe your headaches if you suffer from chronic migraines. Severe, recurrent headaches significantly affect patient’s quality of life. Botox, consisting of botulinum toxin type A, decreases frequency of migraines in some patients.

Botox for Migraines

Botox is prescribed for people who have severe debilitating migraines. It is not approved for use in adults who suffer fewer than 14 headache days every month. Each headache episode must last at least four hours.

American Academy of Neurology 

American Academy of Neurology recently updated its guidelines and approved the use of Botox for migraines and certain other neurological disorders. These include:

  •  blepharospasm –  a condition causing a disabling eyelid closure
  •  cervical dystonia – involuntary contractions of the neck and upper shoulder muscles
  •  adult spasticity
  •  stroke
  •  spinal cord injuries.

While the FDA approved Botox for chronic migraines in 2010, American Academy of Neurology did not include Botox treatments for migraines in its guidelines until April 2016. Scientists aren’t exactly sure how Botox works in reducing chronic migraine, although research indicates it may inhibit pain by reducing pain pathway expression involving specific nerve cells.

The Procedure

The injections are performed on certain areas of your neck and head. Patients receive injections roughly every three months for about a year. As a result, most patients enjoy significantly more pain-free days.

Botox has not yet been scientifically proven to work on tension, cluster or other types of headaches.

Your Laser Skin Care 

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Using Latisse as Prescribed

Posted on July 25, 2014 by Ella Fedonenko

The allure of full and lush eyelashes has lead thousands of Americans to experiment with the cosmetic drug Latisse. Approved by the FDA 2008, Latisse is a prescription drug although it is easily obtained without a prescription through many salons or the internet. As with any prescription drug, it is especially important to use Latisse under the direction of a doctor. Many of those who acquire Latisse without a prescription use it with little or no knowledge of the possible side-effects when applied incorrectly.

Itchy eyes and redness are the most common side effects associated with Latisse. This is attributed to the product accidentally entering the eye when applied incorrectly. Latisse is to be applied only to the upper eyelash line and in small amounts. Without the proper instruction, the product is commonly over-applied, often to both the upper and lower lash lines.
It’s very important to only use Latisse under the direction of a doctor.

Thousands of people achieve the desired results of longer, fuller eyelashes by using Latisse, but it is important to remember that it is a prescription drug to be acquired and used properly. To learn more about Latisse, call us at 323 525 1516.

Skip False Lashes and Go Latisse!

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Ella Fedonenko

Most women’s daily routine involves making their lashes darker, longer and fuller. Eyelash curlers, glue on lashes and volumizing mascaras are expensive, temporary and even sometimes painful and damaging. Latisse allows women to skip the drama of volumizing and darkening their lashes every morning.

Many would agree that eyelashes are a sign of femininity and that the lush and glamour lashes can bring to a female is undeniably irresistible. Unfortunately, most women are not born with long, dark lashes; they have to achieve this by using tools that can actually be extremely damaging. In fact, repetitive use of eyelash extension tools, like an eyelash curler, can be doing the opposite effect and breaking eyelashes or even cause women to lose their eyelashes all together.

Latisse, on the other hand, is a product that allows women to enjoy the allure of longer, darker, fuller eyelashes in less than eight weeks. Also, it is the first and only FDA approved eyelash growth product available and has made headlines with the effectiveness of the product.

If you are ready to retire aged eyelash enhancing tools for a product that is proven to work safely and productively use the trusted Latisse brand.
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Put Latisse on your Holiday list

Posted on November 6, 2013 by Ella Fedonenko

This December, will be the five-year anniversary since the FDA approved the drug for cosmetic use in eyelash enhancement. Today, Latisse is still the only one to attain such approval. People often ask, “Just what does that approval mean and why does that make Latisse the most desirable of all the lash lengtheners?” It’s a good question. And the answer is even better.

Firstly, and most importantly, FDA approval not only means arduous, in-depth research but also extensive testing. When the FDA is considering to approve a drug for popular public consumption, they are putting the full face and force of the United States government behind that product. It has to be safe and it has to be effective. It has to be prescribed and it has to be packaged with full disclosures and directions.

Latisse fills the bill on all counts.

By the way, it’s quite remarkable to note that the benefits of Latisse were discovered the same way as BOTOX was found to have a cosmetic use in addition to its medical beginnings. BOTOX was originally used in the treatment of an eye condition commonly known as “crossed-eyes.” Simply stated, it was used to relax the muscles that created the condition. In time, the doctors noticed that while the drug was successful in relieving the muscle disorder, the patients were also showing a marked lessening of wrinkles and frown lines around their eyes.

Likewise, Latisse was used in the treatment of an eye condition known as glaucoma. Once again, through experience, the doctors noticed that while the eye drops were, successfully, treating the disease, their patients were growing longer, darker and fuller eyelashes, as well.

So why not start the Season of gift-giving with a nice little gift for yourself? Long, luxurious lashes can still be yours in time for the happy Holidays, if you start right now.